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1 Year Students

1. updating

2. Learn about visa and registration


HSE Visa and Registration Centre Contact details

AddressOffice D005/D006, Korpus D, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Moscow, Russia, 109028 

Opening hours for students at the Student Service Centre: 2pm – 6pm, Monday – Friday at 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Entrance No. 5 (entrance from the boulevard)

Telephone: 8 (495) 531-00-63

Email: visa-registration@hse.ru


Obligatory medical examination, fingerprinting and official photographing procedures for foreign citizens

Amendments to the Federal Law "On the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals in Russian Federation" came into force on the December 29, 2021. The new provisions establish that foreign nationals (including international students) staying in Russia for more than 90 days must undergo a medical examination, fingerprint registration and official photographing.

The following penalties can be levied upon those who have not completed the established procedures or failed to complete them on time: administrative fine, deportation.

You can find more details about these obligatory procedures at: https://ivisa.hse.ru/dactilo1.

3. Receive a Student ID Card

Student ID cards will be issued: during October

4. Receive a Library Card

Read the Library Use Policy here: https://library.hse.ru/documents.

Fill in the online registration form on the Library website at: https://library.hse.ru

To get registered, you need a student ID card number and an HSE University corporate e-mail address.

Upon getting a library membership, every user isassigned a bar code for their personal identification, which can be used as a library card.

Ask a question: https://library.hse.ru/en/hotline/ , https://vk.com/hselibrary /  https://t.me/s/hse_library/

If you would like to book a tour of the Library, please contact to email library@hse.ru 

5. Receive a Moscow Social Card (for public transport discounts)

A social card can be obtained from a local office of the Moscow Multifunctional Centre (‘My Documents’) >and be used for accessing public transportation in Moscow at reduced rates.

Step 1: Check to see if your data has been included on the Moscow Social Register’s website: check the register of students/residents/doctoral students. after September, 2

Step 2: Complete registration on the www.mos.ru portal and submit an application for the issue of a Moscow social card through your personal account. Applications are usually processed within  30 calendar days . You can check the status of your application through your personal account or by visiting here.

 International students may submit an application for the issue of a Moscow social card in person at one of the My Documents centers (regardless of their place of residence or place of study).

Step 3: Pick up your Moscow social card from the My Documents centre that you selected when making an application for it. 

Important: if your personal data is not found in the Register, you should contact the manager of your Programme Office.
If you are an international student, you will need to apply for your SNILS (a pension insurance certificate), in order to submit an application for a Muscovite student card.

How to apply for a SNILS? 

A SNILS card is issued at the local PFR office (Pension Fund of the Russian Federation) or “My Documents” Service Centre, upon your submission of a personal application.

Make sure to bring the following documents:
your ID (passport or residence permit);a notarized passport (ID) translation. 

List of the PFR offices in Moscow: 
List of the “My Documents” Service Centre offices

6. Obtain a MIR Card from VTB Bank (for Scholarship Payments)

In partnership with Branch N. 7701 of VTB Bank, HSE University’s accountants oversee the issue of scholarship debit cards (note: these are not social cards) with free banking services and with a special HSE University design (our mascot, the Crow).

First-year students (including foreign citizens) who receive a scholarship will be issued bank scholarship cards automatically. If the issue of a scholarship card is not possible for any reason, you will be have an information to your corporate e-mail. The issuance of ready-made MIR bank scholarship cards will be carried out according to a certain schedule on the territory of the university or at VTB Bank branches. Information about the place, dates and terms of issue will be sent personally to the students' corporate mail.

HSE University Accounting Contacts

(with respect to scholarships and other payments to undergrads and graduate students, as well as the issue of MIR bank cards)

Information about income and/or the amount of the scholarship can only be obtained from the HSE University Accounting Office

Where: office К-422, 3a Krivokolenny Pereulok, Moscow,

When: Tuesday and Thursday 16:00 – 17:45

E-mail: std@hse.ru

Tel.: 8-495-772-95-90 доб. 11576; 11415; 11320

7. Apply for a Certificate of Attendance (if necessary)

A certificate, confirming that you have been enrolled to HSE University under the degree programme “Master in International Management”, shall be issued within 3 - 5 working days after an application is submitted.

How to apply for a certificate: use the form to make a request

When: after the issue of admission directive 

8. Receive an electronic ID Badge

Issuing of the electronic passes will take place on: Bol'shoy Trekhsvyatitel'skiy per., 3, room 114 (metro Kitay-gorod, Kurskaya, Chistye prudy)

For the electronic pass' issue it is necessary to carry with you: student card (renewed) or certificate from the study office (if the student card is lost).

Contact number: 8 (495) 772-95-90* 11032

9. Read a List of Legal Documents

Regulations are placed here 

Please, deliver this piece to the Study Office signed Eng - LD student should know 

Useful links

Academic Handbook covers all matters related to studying at HSE University.

Academic calendar


HSE Payment Moscow