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Address: Nizhny Novgorod, 25/12 Bolshaya Pecherskaya Ulitsa, room 301
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SPIN-RSCI: 9057-6987
ORCID: 0000-0002-6009-8578
ResearcherID: J-2004-2015
Scopus AuthorID: 6603597819
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вторник, 8.00-10.50, ул. Родионова, ауд. 203 12.30 среда, ул. Львовская,1в, ауд. 319. 11.10-12.30, ауд.323, 12.40-14.00
E. Gromov
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Olga Nikolaevna Savina

  • Olga Nikolaevna Savina has been at HSE University since 2006.

Education, Degrees and Academic Titles

  • 1999
  • 1996

    Doctor of Sciences* in Radio Physics
    Research Institute of Radiophysics

  • 1977

    Lobachevskiy Gorky State University

  • 1977

    Degree in Radiophysics
    Lobachevskiy Gorky State University, radiophysical department

* Doctor of Sciences
A post-doctoral degree called Doctor of Sciences is given to reflect second advanced research qualifications or higher doctorates in ISCED 2011.

Awards and Accomplishments

Courses (2019/2020)

Courses (2017/2018)

Courses (2016/2017)

Courses (2015/2016)

Courses (2014/2015)

Courses (2013/2014)

Courses (2012/2013)

Optimization Methods (Bachelor’s programme; Faculty of Management; 2 year, 2, 3 module)Rus


  • 2018
    XXII всероссийская ежегодная конференция "Солнечная и солнечно-земная физика-2018" (Санкт Петербург). Presentation: Влияние ионно-звуковой турбулентности на теплопроводность в областях скачков температуры солнечной атмосферы
  • 2016

    XIVth Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium, Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics: Now and in the Future (Хвар). Presentation: Special features of acoustic-gravity waves propagation in the Solar chromosphere

  • 2015

    26th General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) (Прага). Presentation: Filtering features of long acoustic-gravity waves in a windless atmosphere and its ionospheric manifestation

  • 2014

    Девятая ежегодная конференция "Физика плазмы в Солнечной системе" (Москва). Presentation: Нелинейный отклик экваториальной токовой струи на внешние воздействия и его влияние на электромагнитные волны свистового диапазона

  • Dynamical Processes in Space Plasmas (Isradynamics2014) Динамические процессы в космической плазме (Aйн Бокек). Presentation: Generalized Wiedemann-Franz law and its application to a study of the solar thansition region phenomena

  • The 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly (Москва). Presentation: Equatorial electrojet as a nonlinear VLF aerial for the short-wave heating facilities
  • The 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly (Москва). Presentation: Some thejretical results of acoustic-gravity waves propagation in the nonisothermic atmosphere
  • European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014 (Вена). Presentation: Acoustic-gravity waves in the nonisothermal atmosphere and its influence on the magnetospheric quasi-periodic vlf emissions

  • XIII Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium Physics of the Solar atmosphere ({Хвар). Presentation: Five-minute solar atmosphere oscillations due to the instability of acoustic-gravity waves

  • XIII Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium Physics of the Solar atmosphere ({Хвар). Presentation: Collective processes in the transition region of the solar atmosphere


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