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Winners of the Student Initiative Competition Announced

The Council of the HSE Student Initiative Support Fund has announced the student organizations that will receive up to 300 thousand rubles to finance their projects.

HSE Exchange Night

223,000 rubles

The event brings together HSE students who want to study abroad, those who have returned from studying abroad, and international students who are currently studying abroad at HSE. Its provides a space for students participating in international mobility programmes to exchange experiences and make useful social connections.

Participants spend the evening sharing knowledge and getting answers to questions that only a person with a certain experience can give: how can I adapt? How do I deal with cultural differences? Now in its fifth year, the event draws more and more participants every year.

HSE Outreach

105,000 rubles

The student-run charity organization, HSE Outreach, was established in 2007. Students organize trips to orphanages to provide aid, hold charity bake sales, organize blood donation campaigns, and organize arrivals of children to Moscow.

Evgenia Gorobets

Interactive Lecture Hall for High School Students

48,000 rubles

The team behind this project will organize a vocational guidance lecture hall for high school students at HSE – St. Petersburg. The team members will prepare students for specialized Olympiads, conduct lectures and seminars, hold debates, show movies, and more.

The organizers are themselves winners of national and HSE-wide Olympiads in philosophy, law, sociology, and political science. The teams also plans to get HSE professors and instructors involved.


HSE RUN 3.0: St. Petersburg

94,000 rubles

The annual cultural and historical scavenger hunt, or ‘quest’ (kvest in Russian), will be held for the third time in Russia’s cultural capital of St. Petersburg. HSE RUN helps acquaint students with the city: it will be of interest both to students who are new to St. Petersburg as well as students who have lived in the city all their lives.

The quest will include not only historical places of St. Petersburg, but HSE campus buildings as well. Students will be divided into teams, so they will get to know each other as they work together. It also provides first-year students the opportunity to quickly get a feel for the university campus and city.

ChoroShow Youth Choral Festival

169,000 trubles

The choral show is a young genre, similar to that of the musical. Competitions in which teams perform in the genre and compete against each other have been held in Europe and the United States since 2010. The project team has therefore proposed to create Russia’s own first-ever choral group festival. They have named the event ‘ChoroShow’—a pun combining the Russian word for ‘choral’ (‘horovoi’) and the English word, ‘show’, to produce ‘ChoroShow’, which sounds like ‘Khorosho’—the Russian word meaning ‘good’ or ‘OK’.

The project aims to promote the genre in Russia. The show will be held in November in St. Petersburg, where the organizers plan to draw more than 400 spectators and about 120 participants. The plans are to make the event annual or seasonal and attract as many teams from all over country as possible.


5th Intellectual Crow School Trivia Festival

182,000 rubles

The two-day festival will be held in November for students grades 5-11 from all over Russia.

According to the organizers, the festival will help attract talented applicants to HSE University: by participating in games organized by HSE, the participants get to know the university community. The organizers aim to promote trivia and intellectual games as well as domestic student mobility.

We Create Video Content

43,000 rubles

The Fifth Building is a group at HSE – Perm. They write texts, organize events, and talk about university life in different formats. For one of these formats—video—they needed assistance from the University.

The team will use the prize money for the purchase video equipment. The equipment will allow the group to continue releasing projects with excellent visual and sound quality, as well as offer HSE students new formats of discussion.

Evelina Dzhemakulova

Active School 2019

300,000 rubles

Each year, Ingroup STS conducts a school. The school is a three-day trip for first-year students, where they become acquainted with extracurricular activities, conduct training, and give development plans to its most active participants.

At the beginning of the school year, the organizers conduct a survey among first-year students: this helps them identify the most creative and vibrant individuals. Of 5,000 students, only 100 are selected: they organize largescale events with Ingroup StS or develop their own extracurricular projects.

Dream Team Conference

60,000 rubles

In the format of a popular science conference, the team will introduce HSE applicants, students, alumni, as well as the general public to various professions in the sport industry.

The team will organize academic and a practice-oriented parts of the conference. The academic part of the conference will feature round tables and student presentations. The practical part will include presentations by invited speakers who will share their experience in the sports industry.

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July 08, 2019