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Regular version of the site
The new date will be announced when the pandemic-related restrictions are lifted
November 19
Roman Levkovich will take the position of HSE Director for Public Relations, while Andrey Lavrov will become Senior Director for Communications
November 17
On November 7, 2020 the participants will discuss the topic ‘Your fears and nightmares. How did you spend Halloween?’
November 03
HSE News Service has talked to two international faculty members of Laboratory of Stochastic Analysis and its Applications about their experience teaching and doing research online, as well as their research agenda.
October 30
Dr Mikhail Panov shared with The HSE Look his view on the current changes in live social communication
October 28
For the second module, all lecture courses at HSE University have been moved online
October 27
HSE Student Project Contest awards wide variety of student projects
October 22
Yulia Lezhnina on changes in store for the School of Sociology
September 28
Questions and Answers for Creators of Intellectual Property at HSE
September 25
HSE University building on Kantemirovskaya Ulitsa opens its own account 
September 21
Student Council’s meeting with Rector Kuzminov: Key Points
September 16
How to prepare a submission for the Student Research Paper Competition: advice from previous winners
September 14