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Regular version of the site

Requirements to Websites of Research and Study Groups

An RSG website should be presented in Russian, but an English version may also be created, if necessary. The Corporate Portal team shall launch the RSG website and publish the initial content (provided by the RSG’s head/authorised representatives) on the HSE portal.

The following information is needed to launch a website:

  • which HSE subdivision is the owner of the project (the new website will be linked to the key subdivision);
  • proposed web address;
  • name of the Research and Study Group;
  • short RSG description for the homepage;
  • contact details;
  • RSG head;
  • who needs authorisations to edit the website (website editor).

The RSG team will be responsible for all subsequent edits/updates of the website content.  The RSG head is responsible for both the Russian and English versions of the website.

The RSG website must include several required sections, which can be subdivided into two groups.

Frequently updated sections:

  • News
  • Announcements 

Sections updated when needed:

  • Home page
  • Team Members
  • Research Fields
  • Research Project Description
  • Publications (or Research Project Outcomes)
  • Events
  • RSG seminars
  • External academic events (conferences, forums, seminars, workshops, etc.)

At the request of the RSG team, other sections can be added, and further details can be published, provided that the team will make sure to update the website content on a regular basis. The website design shall be proposed by the Online Media Unit in line with the RSG team’s suggestions.

The materials are available at https://portal.hse.ru/.

Please follow this link to see the terms and conditions for creating a new website (in Russian):

Guidelines for Creating Static Pages (in Russian): http://portal.hse.ru/pages/

Guidelines for Posting Texts on a Webpage (in Russian): http://portal.hse.ru/format/

The RSG head shall be responsible for the website layout and content. All texts on the website should be formatted in line with the instructions available at http://portal.hse.ru/format/. Any RSG member can be designated as the RSG website editor responsible for its technical maintenance and updates. The HSE subdivision, which coordinates the project and provides financial support (the Academic Fund), should be informed of any such appointment. The Corporate Portal team should also be informed accordingly so that the designated team member can gain access and edit the RSG website. The RSG head should submit a request to grant access to the RSG website to the designated editor by sending an email to portal@hse.ru   https://portal.hse.ru/helpsite

The website Home page should include:

1. Name of the Research and Study Group (this information must be added at the initial stage);

2. Short description of the RS Group (this information must be added at the initial stage), which includes:

  • The title of the project implemented by the RS Group;
  • Research subject or area;
  • The Group’s brief history (how and when the Group was formed, following which competition, etc.); 
  • Left column (menu):
  • Group members
  • About the Group (detailed description of the Group’s research project)
  • Project outcomes (publications)
  • Events, including:
  • RSG seminars
  • External research events (conferences, forums, seminars, workshops, etc.)

Below the side menu in the left column:

  • Full name of the RSG’s head (+ a link to the personal profile on the HSE corporate portal),
  • Contact details (address, telephone, e-mail)

A brief overview of the RS Group must be provided on the home page. More details can be given on the static page About the Group. It is recommended to post the following information on the home page: the RSG’s name; the title of the RSG’s ongoing project; short background details (how and when the group was formed and as a result of which competition; team members (teachers, students, doctoral students, etc.); key research field or subject. The left column should contain information about the RSG’s head(s): full name with a link to his/her personal profile on the HSE portal; the RSG contact details. The home page should also contain links to the above-mentioned sections (in the menu) – News, Announcements, Team Members, Description of the RSG project, Publications (Project Outcomes), Events.

If the RSG project duration has been extended for one more year, all relevant sections must be updated. 

News items should include the following: title, a short abstract and full-text news story, related category, keywords, and illustrations, if any. See detailed guidelines for publishing news (in Russian) at https://portal.hse.ru/nov

Information about future events, hosted by the RS Group or other subdivisions and/or organisations working in similar research fields, shall be published in the Announcements (Events) section.

An announcement should contain the following details: event date and title, a short description of the event, event time and venue, as well as details concerning access to the event  (whether the access is free, or a special pass should be obtained).  See detailed guidelines for publishing announcements (in Russian) at https://portal.hse.ru/instann

The Team Members section contains information about RS Group staff with a short description of their respective roles in the project. We recommend adding photographs of team members, with their full names, place of employment, job titles, as well as their place of study and concentration/specialisation (for students). Personal pages of the RSG members shall be created by the RSG website editor. 

The Research Project Description section should contain information about the RSG research project. This section should be named in line with the project title (Project “Project title”).

The section’s structure is as follows:

  • The project’s abstract
  • The project’s goals and objectives
  • The project’s timeline
  • Anticipated research outcomes, as well as their possible application in HSE’s operations;
  • The format for the project outcomes presentation (publications, academic courses, reports, etc.)

This section should be updated on a regular basis in the course of project implementation.

The Publications (Project Outcomes) section should contain information about publications by the RSG members (published and accepted for publication). These details shall be added to the HSE publications database (publications.hse.ru) by the RSG’s website editor via the staff personal profiles, or manually via a static page. In addition to brief descriptions of papers, full-text publications may be posted on the website, or relevant links may be added, provided that this will not lead to any violations of intellectual property rights. 

The Events section contains information about the Group’s seminars and any details in regards to the Group members taking part in other academic events (conferences, forums, seminars, etc.). The Event name, date, venue and the list of participants should be highlighted in the description of any event. A detailed description of the event agenda, including its goal and deliverables (reports and presentations), should be given in the text. An article may also include the RSG team’s opinions in regards to the event outcomes, e.g. what was especially useful or interesting about a given event.  This information can be partially published in the News section, and tag links can be added in the side menu.



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