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Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room S534
SPIN-RSCI: 3617-9551
ORCID: 0000-0001-5201-3207
ResearcherID: H-4021-2015
Scopus AuthorID: 6602926736
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Tuesday 14-40 - 16-00 in S 534, (please make appointments via e-mail)
S. B. Avdasheva
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Olga Demidova

  • Olga Demidova has been at HSE University since 1998.

Education, Degrees and Academic Titles

  • 2022

    Doctor of Sciences*
    HSE University

  • 2012
    Associate Professor
  • 1999

    HSE University

  • 1995

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD) in Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Software Complexes
    Russian Academy of Sciences Dorodnitsyn Computation Center

  • 1989

    Degree in Mathematics
    Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mechanics and Mathematics

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.
* Doctor of Sciences
A post-doctoral degree called Doctor of Sciences is given to reflect second advanced research qualifications or higher doctorates in ISCED 2011.

Awards and Accomplishments

Winner of the HSE University Best Russian Research Paper Competition – 2022

Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)

You may practice R, python and learn Data Science Online on datacamp.


6 th conference «APPLIED ECONOMETRICS» (Москва). Presentation: Interest Rate Channel of Monetary Transmission to Mortgage Rates In Russian Regions


Teaching Activities 2014-2015

Course “Econometrics” (Introductory level), lectures;
Course “Nonparametric Methods of Estimation”, lectures;
Course “Bayesian Approach in Econometrics”, lectures

Research Projects

2012-2015, Project "Youth Unemployment", Unit Coordinator, http://economia.uniparthenope.it/ise/YouthUnemployment/index.htm


2011-2013, SEARCH Project, participant, http://www.ub.edu/searchproject

2013-2014, Individual Research Project “Spatial effects for eastern and western regions of Russia: comparative econometric analysis” supported by the HSE Research Fund

2010-2011, Individual Research Project No. 10-01-0140 “State-Business Relations and Participation of Firms in Public Procurements in Russia: An Empirical Study” supported by the HSE Research Fund

Presentations at Selected Conferences

International Conference "Modern econometric tools and applications", 18-20 September, 2014, NES, NRU HSE NN, Nizhny Novgorog, "Spatial effects of youth unemployment rate in the Russian and Italian regions" (with E.Marelli, M.Signorelli).  

AIEL annual  conference, 11-12 September, 2014, University of Pisa, Italy, "The spatial effects of youth unemployment rate for Italy and Russia" (with E.Marelli, M.Signorelli). 

EACES bi-annual  conference, 4-6 September, 2014, Budapest, Hungary, "Youth Labour Market in the Russian and Italian regions: comparative spatial analysis" (with E.Marelli, M.Signorelli),  «Young people between unemployment and temporary jobs: a cross-country  analysis of the low-skills trap in Europe and Russia» (with F.Pompei and C.Perugini). 

54th ERSA  Congress, 26-29 August, 2014, St.Petersburg, Russia. 

III Scientific Conference "Spatial Econometrics and Regional Economic Analysis", 9-10 June, 2014, University of Lodz, Poland, "The spatial effects of youth unemployment rate" (with E.Marelli, M.Signorelli), "A comparative analysis of spatial effects for the eastern and western regions of Russia".

Workshop "New challenges for the labour market: spatial and institutional perspectives", 8-9 May, 2014, Universita degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope", Italy, "Youth Labour Market Performance in the Russian and Italian Regions" (with E.Marelli and M.Signorelli).

13th International Workshop "Spatial Econometrics and Statistics", 15-16 April, 2014, Universite de Toulon, France, "Spatial Effects of Youth Unemployment Rate in the Russian and Italian Regions", (with E.Marelli, M.Signorelli).

Western Regional Science Association 53rd Annual Meeting, 16-19 February, 2014, San Diego, "East is East and West is West: a comparative analysis for Russia"

SEARCH Project Final Academic Conference, 10-11 February, 2014, Barcelona, "A comparative analysis of people's attitudes towards immigrants in Estonia and Russia".

60th Annual North American Meeting of the Regional Science Association International, November 13-16, Atlanta, USA, "The spatial Effects for the Eastern and Western regions of Russia: the comparative analysis".

The 53rd European Regional Science Association, August 27-31, 2013, University of Palermo, Italy, "The spatial effects for the Eastern and Western regions of Russia: a comparative econometric analysis", http://www.ersa.org/53rd-ersa-congress/

Migration. Global Development, New Frontiers, April 10-13, 2013, UCL, London, UK,  "A comparative analysis of the European, Russian, and Ukrainian residents' attitude toward immigrants". 

The 12th European Association for Comparative Economic Studies Conference, 6-8 September 2012, University of the West of Scotland, "The European residents' attitude towards migrants: a comparative analysis based on the ESS data". http://www.uws.ac.uk/eaces2012/

Demidova_2012_Scotland_migrants.pdf  DSC04343.JPG  IMG_4300.JPG  DSC04431.JPG

International Public Procurement Conference, August 17-19, Seattle, "State-Business relations and participations of firms in public procurement in Russia: an empirical study" (with A.Yakovlev) http://www.nigp.org/eweb/StartPage.aspx?Site=NIGP&webcode=evt-abtippc_12 DSC03827.JPG

"Determinants of public trust towards major political institutions in countries with economies in transition and in the OECD countries: the comparative analysis", 16th Annual Conference of the International Society for New Institutional Economics, USA, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, 14-16 June 2012, http://www.isnie.org/isnie2012.html  Demidova_2012_ISNIE.pdf  DSC01824.JPG

“Access of firms to Public Procurement in Russia in the 2000s before and after Radical Reform of Regulation”, (with A.Yakovlev), Development Forum and CEDR-HSE 4th Joint Conference: A Comparison of Industrial Structure and Economic Policy in China and Russia, Wuhan University,  China, September 22-25, 2011.

"Modeling of public trust in basic social and political institutions: a comparative econometric analysis", International Economic Association 16th World Congress, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 4-8 July 2011, www.iea-congress-2011.org ; 15th Annual Conference of the International Society for New Institutional Economics, Stanford University, USA, 16-18 June 2011, http://www.isnie.org/isnie2011.html  Demidova_2011_ISNIE1.pdf  DSC_0062.jpg

"Non-parametric investigation of the Kuznets hypothesis for transitional countries", 10-th EACES bi-annual conference "Patterns of transition and new approaches to comparative economics", HSE, Moscow, 28 - 30 August, 2008, http://eaces-conf2008.hse.ru/index.html  Demidova_Kuznets_hypothesis_2008.pdf

Timetable for today

Full timetable

6th Conference «Applied Econometrics»

Members of our laboratory took an active part in the 6th conference «Applied Econometrics», held at the HSE University (Moscow) on April 26–27.

Zaruhi Hakobyan Shortlisted for HSE Alumni Awards

Zaruhi Hakobyan, master’s graduate of the HSE University Faculty of Economic Sciences and research scientist at the University of Luxembourg, is involved not only in research but also in organising academic events for young scientists and students. As a foreign graduate of HSE University, Zaruhi was nominated for the HSE Alumni Awards ‘for her tireless enthusiasm in popularising economic science, teaching, and research at the international level’ and made the shortlist.

META 2023

Our research and study group took an active part in X International Conference on Modern Econometric Tools and Applications. The conference was held from 4th to 7th of October at Nizhny Novgorod campus of HSE University.

iCEBA 2023

Our research and study group took part in the 3rd International Conference on Econometrics and Business Analytics, held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan from September 28 to October 1.

‘At HSE University, We Receive Substantial Support for Our Research’

Wenrui Zhang, from China, is a recent graduate of theMaster’s in Economics and Economic Policy at the HSE UniversityFaculty of Economic Sciences. Having successfully defended his master’s thesis on the impact of COVID-19 on the incomes of vulnerable groups, Wenrui has set his sights on publishing his research and enrolling in adoctoral programme at the university. The HSE News Service interviewed Wenrui about his achievements so far and his goals for the future, and also spoke to Prof.Elena Kotyrlo, his academic supervisor.

Graduate Admissions Webinars: PhD program in Economics

First Sino-Russian Economic Cooperation Workshop—Economic Performance from Regional Aspects

The HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences and the School of Economics at Shanghai University have co-organised the First Sino-Russian Workshop on ‘Economic Performance from Regional Aspects’. The researchers discussed how they detected and assessed the effects of different economic policies in Russia and China at a regional level.

Research Projects to be Presented at the First Sino-Russian Economics Cooperation Workshop

Sino-Russian Economic Cooperation Workshop "Economic Performance from Regional Aspects" organized by the HSE University Centre for Spatial Econometrics in Applied Macroeconomic Research and the Shanghai University School of Economics to be held on 5th November 2022 at 3 pm Shanghai time, 10 am Moscow time

‘Gaining Practical Knowledge and Learning to Do a Lot in a Short Time’—The Life of an HSE PhD Student

Milica Simonovic, from Belgrade, Serbia, is a doctoral student at the HSE University Faculty of Economic Sciences. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis on corporate governance and intellectual capital disclosure. We interviewed Milica to find out more about her thesis and her experience of the university’s application process for PhD students.

A. Demyanenko participated in ERSA Congress

Artem Demyanenko successfully gave a presentation «The impact of public health spending on economic growth in Russia: a regional aspect» (co-authors O. Demidova, E. Kayasheva) at the 60th European Regional Science Association Congress.

CSEAMR participation in the SEA 2021 conference

Members of our research group successfully participated in XV World Conference of the Spatial Econometrics Association.

‘The Opening of the Full-time Advanced Doctoral Programme Was a Gift from Fate for Me’

In 2010, HSE University launched the Full-time Advanced Doctoral Programme, an innovative programme for doctoral students at that time. At the beginning of 2021, an alumna of the programme’s first cohort became the first programme graduate to earn her Doctor of Sciences degree: Elena Vakulenko, Assistant Professor at HSE University’s Faculty of Economic Sciences. In an interview with HSE News Service, the professor discussed her academic career.

‘My Research Interests Took Shape When I Was a Master’s Student’

Zaruhi Hakobyan earned her Bachelor’s degree in Yerevan, her Master’s from HSE University, and her PhD from both HSE University and the University of Luxembourg. She spoke to the HSE News Service about the differences in academic approaches at various universities.

CSEAMR participation in NARSC 2020 conference.

Olga Demidova made a presentation "Partial marginal effects for spatial models on the example of wage curve for Russia" on the NARSC 2020 Virtual Conference.

RWG academic seminar

Academic seminar of the Centre for Spatial Econometrics in Applied Macroeconomic Research was held on the 28th of October where Lada Kuletskaya gave a presentation «Spatial modelling of voting preferences: the “mystery” of the Republic of Tatarstan» (in co-authorship with O. Demidova and E. Podkolzina).

CSEAMR staff members participation in META2020

Members of our research group actively participated in the VII-th International Conference “Modern Econometrics Tools and Applications” (META2020)

HSE Staff Members Receive Acknowledgement Medals

Following a directive of the Rector, key HSE staff members have been awarded ‘Acknowledgement’ medals for their high professional achievements and devotion to work.

Research seminar "Cross-Regional Variations in the Level of Entrepreneurial Activity in Russia by Type of Motivation"

Speaker - Vladimir Elakhovsky (HSE Department of Statistics and Data Analysis)

‘Economists should help policymakers to find solutions to this challenge to provide a forum where young people and adults may clash without resorting to the barricades ’

Researchers from Italy have been working on a joint project with the HSE’s Professor Olga Demidova looking at “The Political Economy of Youth Unemployment”. Professor Enrico Marelli, and Prof. Maria Laura Parisi, Economists at the University of Brescia and Elina De Simone from the University of Naples Parthenope, answered the HSE news portal’s questions about their research into youth unemployment in Russia and Italy.