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Individual Curriculum

An Individual Curriculum (IC) refers to a respective student's personalised study plan. It is a document containing aggregate information about all courses and other types of academic work (e.g. practical training, final state certification) selected by the student and those that form the mandatory part of the curriculum of the educational programme: their study loads, timelines for studying and undergoing interim assessments, and assessment means.

For the majority of educational programmes, the IC for each student is intended for one semester (half-year), and all elements included there are mandatory for completion within this period

How students can access their IC

Each student's IC is available in the electronic gradebook via LMS*.

*except for cases of a special IC, which is issued under certain circumstances and separately approved by the study office of the educational programme

How IC is formed

An IC includes:

  • mandatory learning elements assigned in accordance with the curriculum of the student's degree programme;
  • elements independently chosen by the student via digital services SmartWay (courses) and SmartPro (projects) as part of the elective component of the degree programme;
  • courses studied beyond the standard volume of the degree programme: electives, additional modules for mastering MicroDegree qualifications, and repeated courses.

When an IC is considered approved by the student

To select elements of the elective part of the degree programme, course selection campaigns are organised before the start of each semester.

If, three working days after the campaign's conclusion, the student has not contacted the study office of their degree programme in case of errors found in the IC entries visible in the electronic gradebook, the IC is considered approved by the student for the respective period.

How to make changes to the IC

Changes to the IC can be made:

  • based on a personal application by the student;
  • on the initiative of the degree programme's study office, with mandatory agreement of the changes with the student;
  • by decision of the degree programme manager / academic mentor.

Adjustments to the IC (exclusion*/replacement of courses) are possible in the following cases:

  • academic mobility;
  • transfer to fast-track studies, including credit for courses previously studied at HSE University or other educational institutions that are part of the IC;
  • acceptance of a positive decision by the degree programme's academic supervisor on exclusion or replacement of one or several IC elements;
  • if the student is unable to pursue the IC using the offered teaching technologies;
  • under special circumstances (usually force majeure, including the sudden absence of a teacher; changes in epidemiological situation, etc.), associated with the university's inability to implement certain IC elements or implement them using the offered technologies.

* exclusion of elements from the IC for which interim assessment was conducted is not allowed.

Adjustment of the IC after approval is possible: a student can withdraw from a selected course by submitting an electronic application, provided no more than ten working days have passed since the start of classes for that course; and include another course in the IC, adhering to the same rule of 10 working days from the beginning.

When an IC is considered completed

An IC is considered completed if all its elements have been successfully (without unsatisfactory grades) and timely passed according to the deadlines specified in the IC.

If unsatisfactory results are received for one or two main elements of the IC, it is considered partially completed.

Cases when a special IC is arranged

A special IC is prepared individually for a student based on their application in the following cases:


Regulations on Planning and Organizing Electives and Optional Courses under Core Degree Programmes at HSE University

Regulations for Interim and Ongoing Assessments of Students at HSE University


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