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Tag "research projects"

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 721-722

Current topic: How mortality decreased in Finland
In the issue: An assessment of their health by men and women in Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and Finland. Death from senility: the result of demographic policy or a tool for government bodies to simulate activity? “INVISIBLE PEOPLE”: the non-permanent population of remote rural areas of Eastern Finland.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 717-718

Current topic: The population of Russia according to UN population prospects
In the issue: Demographic forecasts in modern Russia: an analysis of the results and a choice of hypotheses. A forecast of the dynamics of population size and dependency ratio in Western Europe until 2095. The demographic component of the territorial planning of the Tver region.

Demographic Review #4

In the issue: Modest demographic results of the pronatalist family policy in the context of long-term evolution of fertility in Russia. Public policies of active ageing: evidence from the world experience. Interregional migration in Russia: age characteristics. International migration in Russia (the USSR) during the end of the 19th‒ the first third of the 20th century. The epidemiological transition in Russia: historical sight. Estimating number of children in villages of Dagestan: a comparison of data sources.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 715-716

Current topic: Russian students in China
In the issue: Human resources in science and technology: the state and efficiency of their use. Approaches to the study of international migration of highly qualified professionals: mechanisms, prospects, consequences. Educational trajectories of young people from the CIS in Moscow.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 713-714

Current topic: Where and in what jobs highly-educated Russians work.
In the issue: Does the Russian economy need human capital? Ten doubts. The success of the “education-job” transition: for whom is the path easier? The structure of employment of the rural population in the Central Black Earth region

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 711-712

Current topic: 2015 Microcensus casts doubt on effectiveness of measures to stimulate fertility.
In the issue: Transformation of the family in Russia and China: A Comparative Analysis. Values of parenthood: structure, types, resources. Nigeria’s Population Bomb. 

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 709-710

Current topic: Such is old age…
In the issue: “Normal labor potential” and age discrimination. Labor activity of the retirement-age population as a factor of social and economic development of the territory. Labor activity of a population’s “third age” in conditions of demographic aging of the population (using the example of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)). The social exclusion of older age groups: socio-economic aspects.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 707-708

Current topic: The abortion ban: refresh your memory.
In the issue: A sociological portrait of infanticide in the United States at the turn of the 21st century: victims and perpetrators. Studying the opinions of women’s views on the causes of abortion. Socio-economic factors of children’s health in Russia. Russians’ spending on drugs: what has changed during the crisis?

Illustration for news: Five Scientific Facts about Migrants

Five Scientific Facts about Migrants

Most migrants coming to Russia change occupations, go without healthcare and spend their free time with their compatriots.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 705-706

Current topic: Suicide in Russia.
In the issue:  Territorial features of suicide prevalence in the Russian Federation. Alcohol and suicide in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: a comparative analysis of trends. Suicide in the polar regions.