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Tag "research projects"

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 695-696

Current topic: How to estimate the number of people with disabilities in Russia.
In the issue: Cripples, invalids, or people with disabilities? A review of the history of disability. Measuring disability and the status of the disabled: Russian and international approaches. Measures of state support for employment of persons with disabilities in Russia.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 691-692

Current topic: What working-age Russians get ill with and die of.
In the issue: Cardiovascular disease in the context of the socio-economic priorities of Russia’s long-term development. The epidemiology of stroke in Russia according to the results of the territorial and population register (2009-2010). The ultimate effect of Russia’s demographic policies in the 1980s.

Demographic Review #1

In the issue: Mortality from cardiovascular diseases and life expectancy in Russia. Fertility in higher-order marital unions in Russia: does a new partnership allow for the realization of the two-child ideal? The rural-urban continuum: the destiny of the notion and its link to the spatial mobility of the population. Simon Kuznets on demographic issues. Who has upset the ethnic balance in Russia?

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 685-686

Current topic: Mortality and life expectancy in Russia: What’s new? Part two.
In the issue:The information potential of the statistics of multiple causes of death. The irreversible loss of Russia’s population as a result of drug use in 2000-2011. The consumption of alcohol on the eve of death and mortality from injuries, poisonings and other consequences of the effect of external causes. 

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 665-666

Current topic: Anti-alcohol measures: are they working in Russia?
In the issue: The structure of alcohol consumption as a social group indicator in modern Russian cities. The relationship between alcohol consumption practices and the social structure of modern Russia. “New wave” drugs as a factor in changing the drug situation in Russia.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 663-664

Current topic: Russians not ready to work.
In the issue: Young people excluded from employment and education in the EU and Russia. Unemployment in the OECD countries: the evolution of attitudes and policies. Live “in the shadow” or die “in the light”: informal employment on the Russian labor market. Social capital and social mobility in Makhachkala, or what to do if you do not have influential relatives?

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 657-658

Current topic: Russian dachas in different scales of space and time

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 651-652

Current topic: Geography and Economics of the Russian prison system

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 649-650

Current topic: The complex demographic future of Belarus

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 647-648

Current topic: Health and Illness of Russians