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Social market analysis is a very wide analytical area. This programme does not set the impossible task of covering all approaches and all types of markets, instead it focuses on economic and sociological approaches and certain groups of markets which are closest to the end consumer and household behaviour. These are the approaches to the analysis of market segments which are primarily related not to the production of intermediary products but to the end use of products and services, as well as with the functioning of labour markets (including external labour markets and internal labour markets of big corporations). These are the segments, aimed at a person as an employee and consumer, which have a high demand for experts with a sociological background. And it is in these fields that a specialist who has received training in economics and sociology is the most effective.

The programme includes four main blocks of disciplines:

The first block is related to the economic and sociological theory of markets, the study of their key subjects and analysis of some specific, most important, markets.

The second block of disciplines allows the students to increase the level of their knowledge and skills in analytical methods. It involves an in-depth study of methods for qualitative and quantitative data collection, as well as methods for sociological measurement and analysis of this data.

The third block includes economic disciplines which have specially been developed for sociologists, such as the Economic Analysis of Modern Markets, the Economic Theory of Labour and Labour Relations as well as Financial Markets.

The fourth block allows students to gain skills related to specific practices in consumer behavior analysis, marketing, advertising and branding.

The key disciplines of the master’s programme in Applied Methods of Social Analysis of Markets:

  • Sociology of markets
  • Consumer behavior
  • Small entrepreneurship
  • Non-economic subjects and markets
  • Economics analysis of modern markets
  • Analysis of modern labour markets
  • Applied analysis of consumer markets
  • Financial markets (segment of financial tools for the population)
  • Methods of sampling research
  • Methods of qualitative research
  • Focus groups
  • Methods of measurement in sociology
  • Sociological data analysis – 2
  • Sociological methods in marketing studies
  • Sociology of advertising
  • Methods of advertising effectiveness evaluation
  • Practical branding

This programme is implemented at the Faculty of Social Sciences as an interdepartmental one. It has been organized by two departments: the Department of Economics Sociology and the Department of Methods of Collection and Analysis of Sociological Information.

As part of the programme, there are two research seminars under the auspices of the two departments.