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There come times when we have to make important decisions that impact the rest of our lives. One of these decisions is choosing a university—especially if the university is located far from home.

If you have already chosen HSE University, then it's time to make the next difficult decision: where to live in the big city. What will you choose: independence or convenience? City living or suburban living? Coliving with group of friends or a studio fit for an introvert?

We will tell you about the wide range of housing options HSE University offers students who need a place to live in a big city. Take your pick!

Key Information

In 2021, HSE is introducing a new scheme for accommodating international students that is modelled on housing programmes of other international universities. The new scheme allows students to choose the best housing option based on their preferences and financial resources.

As part of the new programme, the University will provide additional information and organizational services to help students with housing. The University will also continue to accommodate certain categories of students in its dormitories. All international undergraduate and graduate students receiving HSE scholarships (100% coverage of tuition fees) can submit a request for dorm accommodation in 2021.

Other students can use the services of the HSE Student Housing Office, whose tasks include accommodating students in the facilities rented by the university; advising students on all housing-related issues; liaising with partner rental agencies; and providing assistance to students living in apartments in the event of any housing issues.

Some accommodation options are currently at the final stage of approval. We will keep you updated, and you will soon be able to subscribe to our newsletter.


HSE is arranging alternative housing options for international students who do not receive standard dormitory accommodations.
December 18, 2020
You can participate in the pilot launch now
October 09, 2020

How it works:

  • Step  1:  Log into your HSE University personal account

  • Step  2:  Submit a housing request (it is possible to submit a preliminary request)

  • Step  3:  Agree to the housing option suggested by the manager

  • Step  4:  Sign the lease agreement

  • Step  5:  Make the payment

  • Step  6:  Move in

Housing Options

HSE University can provide information support and consultations for students who decide to rent a room or n apartment through a real estate agency Email us with the type of accommodation you prefer and we  will help you find a suitable option through our partner real estate agencies.

When you can start booking your accommodation

Preliminary booking will be open no later than July 1, 2021. We will post an announcement here, as well as on other information channels of the University.

To submit a preliminary housing request, please fill in the form in the relevant section of your HSE applicant personal account, choose the type of housing you need and submit the request.

You must be registered as HSE University applicant in order to be able to submit a housing request.

If you don't submit a preliminary request as an HSE University applicant, you will be able to do so in your personal account after you are officially enrolled at HSE University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the service? Is it open to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students alike? Is it possible to move in at any point in time during the year?

Housing options are open to HSE University students and postdocs.

Students and postdocs can move in in September, as part of the admissions campaign of the given academic year. Moving in in the middle of the academic year is only possible if some accommodation is vacated by previous tenants.


Dmitry Ryndin

Head of the Student Housing Office

Tel: +7-495-772-9590, ext. 28176
Sergey Kuznetsov

Manager, Student Housing Office

Tel: +7-495-772-9590, ext 28388;
Mobile: +7-916-971-4439
Ekaterina A. Lomovitskaya

Manager, Student Housing Office

Tel: +7-495-772-9590, ext 28385;
Mobile: +7-916-971-4408
Anna Koblova

International Student Housing Manager

Tel: +7-495-772-9590, ext 28573
Evgeny Minakov

Partner Liaison Manager

Tel: +7-495-772-9590, ext 28384