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Our interviews

December 6, 2018
On the IQ HSE website was published an article about the study of our Center

Why do older people read more slowly? Researchers at the HSE Center for language and brain tried to answer this question in their article "No Evidence for Strategic Nature of Age-related Slowing in Sentence Processing". About the strategies that older people choose when reading in comparison with young people, read the original article or on the HSE portal IQ HSE.

November 7, 2018
Vardan Arutiunian had a talk about the influence of phonological neighborhood density on word production and recognition in Russian children on the Russian TV Culture channel

Vardan Arutiunian, Research Assistant at the Center for Language and Brain HSE, had a talk on the Russian TV Culture channel about phonological neighborhood density and its influence on word production and recognition in four-to-six-year-old Russian children (11 min 20 sec).

October 22, 2018

An interview with a researcher at the HSE Center for language and brain Anastasia Lopukhina 

We are pleased to announce that it is published an interview with researcher of the Center for language and brain Anastasia Lopukhina on the study of surface processing of the language, which she is conducting with colleagues from our Center - Svetlana Malyutina, Anna Laurinavichyute and Galina Ryazanskaya, an associate Professor in the School of linguistics Natalia Slyusar, as well as student and graduates of the School of linguistics Anastasia Antonova, Elena Savinova and Alexandra Semdyanova. The study was supported by Russian Foundation of Basic Research, grant №18-012-00640 "The mechanism of language surface processing: study of the influence of age and perceptual conditions".  

Read more in the article "Do not think what you say".

October 8, 2018
Irina Sekerina told the TV channel "Culture" about how difficult it is to read in Russian

Irina Sekerina, senior researcher at HSE Center for language and brain, Professor at CUNY, told the TV channel "Culture" about how difficult it is to read in Russian (7 minutes 30 seconds).
Read more about the reading study in our article "Russian Sentence Corpus: Benchmark measures of eye movements in reading in Russian".

October 8, 2018
The TV channel "Culture" told about new product of the HSE Center for language and brain 

The HSE Centre for language and brain has created a new comprehensive test to assess speech development in children. The product was called "KORABLIK" - a Clinical Assessment of the development of Basic Linguistic Competencies.TV channel "Culture "told about our test in the program "Black holes. White spots" from 27.09.2018.

The topic begins with the moment 6 minutes 30 sec.

June 20, 2018

The main trends of research and development prospects of the Center for Language and Brain

The HSE website published an article about the Center for Language and Brain, which was recently established at the International Neurolinguistics Laboratory. Comments of the Director of our Center Olga Dragoy read in the main publication.

December 14, 2015

Irina Sekerina on eye-tracking method, its application to speech, "Visual World" paradigm and special stimuli. Full text available here.

June 2015

"Schrödinger's Cat" journalist participated in our experiments for 6 month and told what neurolinguistics experiments looks like and what we have found in her brain. Full text available here.


April 28, 2015

Olga Dragoy with "Cherdak" on the best way to learn a new language and what happens with your brain during the process. Full text available here.

"Cherdak" told about our experiments. Full text available here.


February 2015

Yulia Edeleeva, Lab's intern, interview for "Rabota segodnya". Full text available here

March 31, 2014

Maria Ivanova for "Vechernyaya Moskva" on ways to improve your memory. Full text available here.  

March 31, 2014

Anna Yurchenko for "Theory and Practice" on her way to neurolinguistics, ERP method and worst questions in science. Full text available here.

                                                  © Егор Слизяк

March 11, 2014

"Vechernyaya Moskva" journalist took part in our experiment. Full text available here

                                                 Анна Юрченко подготавливает журналистку  

Jule 25 2013

Olga Dragoy for "Theory and Practice" on her life in science and laboratory's projects. Full text available here.


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