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Centre for Scholarly Integration

Center Team

Director – Yulia Falkovich

Manager – Anna Pravdyuk

Analyst – Daria Gvozdeva


11 Pokrovsky Boulevard, room G 507, 
Phone: 8 (495) 772-95-90*12287

The Centre for Scholarly Integration aims to develop scientific initiatives of early career researchers at HSE University faculties, research centres, and laboratories.

There are a lot of research laboratories and centres at HSE University. Numerous seminars, master classes, summer and winter schools are held all year round.

Research initiatives are always welcome. Our task is to help implement them.

What we do

  • We coordinate and develop Russian Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at HSE University.
  • We organize and supervise special projects dedicated to research and development of the postdoc position in Russia.
  • We organize students’ research internships in laboratories and research centres of HSE University.
  • We coordinate Research Assistant initiative.
  • We organize and develop initiatives to boost the development of researchers' professional identity.
  • We help researchers from universities from all over Russia to become integrated into HSE University academic environment
  • We connect scientists from different fields so that they can do interdisciplinary research.

It is important for us

  • To maintain academic continuity at the faculties. We want junior researchers and experienced academics to share common academic values and practices
  • To support research collaborations. Scientific discoveries have not been made “alone” for a long time now. They can only be made by a team of researchers who help each other.


Results of the Student Life Survey: involvement in research
August 20, 2021
The Russian Postdoc Programme has once again attracted talented researchers from all over Russia to work on research projects at HSE University. The programme aims to provide emerging Russian scholars and scientists with the opportunity to conduct research at HSE. In the new academic year, 54 Russian postdoctoral fellows will join the University.
September 07, 2020
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