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Dmitry Frolov on his visit to Zakopane

Dmitry Frolov on his visit to Zakopane
The 18th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (ICAISC) was held at the Mercury Hotel, located in the Polish city of Zakopane, from June 16 to June 20, 2019. Dmitry Frolov shared his impressions on his visit to Metz.

Lecture by G. Almukhametova on "Network analysis of scientific interaction on the problems of the Arctic"

On Wednesday, June 19 the all-Russian seminar "Mathematical methods of decision analysis in economics, finance and politics" was held. G. Almukhametova gave a lecture on "Network analysis of scientific interaction on the problems of the Arctic".

Yulia Veselova on her visit to the Maastricht University

Yulia Veselova shared her impressions on her external PhD program in the Netherlands.

Aleksander Melnikov and Daria Paniukhina Made Reports at the Conference "Lomonosov - 2019"

Research assistants of the International Laboratory for Logic, Linguistics and Formal Philosophy made reports within the Logic subsection of the "Lomonosov-2019" Conference.

Business Hackathon Creation Lab in Cologne

HSE students participated in Creation Lab, an annual international business hackathon, which is organised as part of the World Business Dialogue in Cologne. The forum’s partner educational, power and retail businesses will implement the best of the suggested solutions in their operations. For the second year in a row, Olga Dremova, a student of the of the HSE ISSEK master’s programme 'Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation', participated in the hackathon. Her team defended the idea of how to simplify the admission of foreign exchange students with the using gamification.

HSE Student Awarded Russia’s Prize ‘For Loyalty to Science’ for Best Radio Programme

Vera Gribanova, a graduate student in the Master’s Programme 'Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation' runs a radio programme about great scientific achievements called ‘Scientific Light’ on the radio station ‘Moscow Talks’ (Govorit Moskva). This year her radio show has received the prestigious prize ‘For Loyalty to Science’, which is awarded annually by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

Facts about Students in Science

Research plays a growing role in the educational process of the country’s leading universities. The HSE Statement of Values, for example, underscores its importance, stating: ‘Our lectures and textbooks reflect cutting-edge academic research; our academic articles, student papers, models and experiments seek to expand the horizons of contemporary academic inquiry.’ In honor of Students’ Day, we present a selection of facts about the connection between study and science in Russian universities, and specifically at HSE. (Sources: Monitoring of Education Markets and Organizations (MEMO), Monitoring Survey of Innovative Behavior of the Population (MSIBP), additional materials of the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK), as well as results of a survey by the HSE Centre for Institutional Research (CIR).

Second School-seminar "Supercomputers in scientific research: the horizons of multiscale modeling and effective supercomputer co-design"

Second School-seminar "Supercomputers in scientific research: the horizons of multiscale modeling and effective supercomputer co-design"
As part of the promotion of modern supercomputer technologies for the needs of scientific research, SAMMA laboratory organized the second school-seminar "Supercomputers in scientific research: the horizons of multi-scale modeling and effective supercomputer co-design". This event brings together developers of advanced supercomputer technologies and scientists who use high-performance computing in their research. The first day was devoted to the analysis of new technical solutions for high-performance computing, and the second to applications of supercomputer modeling, molecular dynamics simulations in the real problems of materials science and molecular biology.

Futures Literacy of Students

HSE ISSEK joined the ‘FORESIGHT — Future Oriented Education for Students Incorporating GSC in High-paced Times’ project launched by five European universities. The three-year project funded by European Union started with the kickoff meeting held on November, 29–30 in Tilburg (the Netherlands). HSE ISSEK was represented by a post-doctoral research fellow Dr. Oguz Demir, who will be the overall coordinator of the project.

7 Facts about Foreign Students

The Higher School of Economics has entered the top 5 of Russian universities most popular with foreigners, according to Rossotrudnichestvo (in terms of the number of applications for quotas submitted in the 2018/19 academic year). Gathered facts about international student mobility in the world, the country, HSE and the ISSEK 'Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation' Master’s programme.