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Illustration for news: 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology

6th World Congress on Positive Psychology

Lab staff members (Dmitry Leontiev, Martin F. Lynch, Tamara O. Gordeeva, Sergei Ishanov) took part in the 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne (Australia), July 18-21, 2019. About 1600 participants from 50 countries were registered at the congress. 

Illustration for news: I Want to Return to Russia for Other Projects or a Master’s Degree

I Want to Return to Russia for Other Projects or a Master’s Degree

Yogender Singh and Samarth Singh are second-year undergraduate students at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Without official partnership between the two universities, both Yogender and Samarth took the initiative to apply to HSE themselves. This summer, they are completing two-month research internships at the HSE International Laboratory of Decision Choice and Analysis, under the wings of Professor Fuad Aleskerov.

Illustration for news: Lecture by Vadim Levit on "Critical and Maximum Independent Sets Revisited"

Lecture by Vadim Levit on "Critical and Maximum Independent Sets Revisited"

On Wednesday, July 17 the all-Russian seminar "Mathematical methods of decision analysis in economics, finance and politics" was held. Professor Vadim Levit gave a lecture on "Critical and Maximum Independent Sets Revisited"

IAMCR 2019: Communication, Technology and Human Dignity: Disputed Rights, Contested Truths

Anton Kazun, ICSID research fellow, took part in IAMCR conference that was held in Madrid (Spain) on July 7-11, 2019. He presented his paper«Global News Flow in G-20: Attention to Countries vs Attention to Leaders» (co-authored  by Anastasia Kazun).

New article by laboratory staff in Frontiers in Psychology

On Jule 16 the article "Mapping ethnic stereotypes and their antecedents in Russia: The Stereotype Content Model" by Anastasia Batkhina, Susan T. Fiske (Princeton University, USA) and Dmitry Grigoryev is available online.

IX Summer School "Design of Cross-Cultural Study"

27 - 30 June 2019 near Moscow there was the IX Summer School "Design of Cross-Cultural Study", organized by the International laboratory for socio-cultural research, Expert Institute, Higher School of Economics. The teachers of the school were the foreign researchers: Michael Bender (PhD, Assistant Professor, Tilburg University), Byron Adams (PhD, Assistant Professor, Tilburg University), and Ella Daniel (PhD, Assistant Professor, Tel Aviv University).

Illustration for news: SIOE 2019

SIOE 2019

ICSID team members took part in the 23rd Annual Conference of the Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics that was held in Stockholm Economic School on June 27-29, 2019.

ICEF/LFE Research Seminar by Ron Kaniel (University of Rochester)

On Thursday, June 27 ICEF and LFE held the Research Seminar.

Participation in The Migration Conference 2019 Bari

From June 18 to June 20, the staff of the ILSCR took part in the 7th international conference of The Migration Conference 2019, the leading event of migration researchers organized this year at the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Bari, Italy).

Igor Grossman gave a lecture

Normative theories of judgment either focus on the rational standard – decontextualized preference maximization, or the reasonable standard – the pragmatic balance of preferences and socially-conscious norms.How do people’s intuitions and behavior about these concepts relate to theoretical frameworks advanced in economics, politics, and the law?