Business & Management

International Business in Russia (4 ECTS credits, 32 academic hours)

Dates: August 01 - 16 | ONLINE FORMAT

Course syllabus

Tatiana Grishchenko

Associate Professor


The course is designed to introduce international business in Russia in historic retrospective up to the modern changes in the global business landscape. A key aspect during the course is to have an opportunity to observe and assess the performance of the international companies which have made Russia their home.
The course provides theoretical framework and practical insights for organizing and running business in Russia. Trade disputes and international sanctions’ influence on both import-export operations and FDI in Russia are addressed in the frames of the course.
The course is aimed to increase students’ capacity to think strategically and practically about starting and doing business in Russia. Crucial attention is devoted to insights, sources of information and practical tools for foreign business looking at Russia as an investment destination. 
The course will enable students to face the challenges of cross-cultural management and cross-cultural sensitivity, while working in a modern, rapidly changing environment. It includes cross-cultural issues faced by international companies operating in Russia and provides an active development of the students' cross-cultural competence. The idea is to appeal to students on a practical level and provide competencies, insight and meaningful information for them which could be useful in their future career.

International Business and Management from Asia to Russia (4 ECTS credits, 32 academic hours)

Dates: July 18 - August 05 | ONLINE FORMAT

Course syllabus

Sergei Shaposhnikov

Associate Professor, Department of Strategic and International Management


The focus of this course is on preparing students to deal with management issues and challenges relevant to the Asian context. This course will provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge and influence of business management traditions and systems in the Asian region on decision-making, business strategy and business operations in the context of international business. Students will explore a macro environment in China, South Korea and Japan, including the economy and culture that affect business and management practices in each country. The practical aspects of doing business, business opportunities and challenges facing foreign companies and management practices will be provided. Additionally, the course will give the cross-cultural aspects, comparison and practical implications on doing business in Asia from the position of the Russian business and doing business in Russia from the position of Asian companies. Students will learn the necessary methods, concepts and obtain managerial skills to deal successfully with the specific challenges of Asian and Russian business environments through simulation exercises and cases as well as interactive discussions. Finally, the course will include team work to prepare group presentations on aspects of doing business in Asia/Russia. Students will analyze countries, industries, foreign companies in Asia and Russia through case studies with the purpose to develop additional expertise within Asia and Russia. The course will help students to understand the specifics of doing business in Asia from the position of non-Asian companies and to compare aspects of doing business in Russia from the position of Asian companies.