Tuition and Fees

Tuition fee

  • 200 USD for 1 ECTS credit

We recommend you to use online payment. Let us know if you face technical difficulties while online payment, you may choose another option, which is available in Moscow only.


In case you decide to cancel some of your chosen courses after the payment, there is a certain procedure you will have to follow. You will need to provide:

  • a written request personally signed, specifying your full name, passport details, period of study, the registration number of the payment,
  • the bank details of the Client (the person who pays) for the purposes of a refund, with obligatory bank details of the Bank-correspondent, having an opened account in Russian Rubles in the bank of Russian Federation,
  • the amount due and payable, corresponding to the amount indicated by the Provider based on a calculation of the actual cost of the services.


  • If you are a student of our Partner University we can offer you a 20% discount! Please see the list of our partner universities here and here
  • Special discounts for partners: We are happy to arrange special discounted rates for partner universities who send 15 or more students. For more details, please contact Summer University director Oksana Chernenko ( ).
  • Special offer for our Alumni: We are happy to offer special discounted rates for our Alumni – 20% discount