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Illustration for news: More Effort Needed to Integrate Migrants

More Effort Needed to Integrate Migrants

At a time when industrially developed countries are facing migration pressure, Russia needs to take a fresh look at immigration to assess its geopolitical benefits and prevent inherent social risks; a smart migrant integration policy can provide a solution.

Demographic Review #4

In the issue: An unnoticed contribution to demographic transition theory. Demographic results of 2014. A brief report. The sequence of life events of Russian men serving and not serving in the military. Mortality in Russia in light of the in alcohol consumption. Integral indicators of demographic losses from deaths and injuries due to road accidents in Russia.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 681-682

Current topic: Why is a migrant not always a migrant’s friend, comrade and brother? Part two
In the issue: Re-emigration of Russian Germans from Germany to Russia: factors and the scale of the phenomenon. The “cultural memory” of Russian-speaking migrants in Germany: the impact on the formation of new identities of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. A peculiarity of Russian migration to Europe: flight of the creative class?

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 679-680

Current topic: Why is a migrant not always a migrant’s friend, comrade and brother? 
In the issue: Muslim Integration in Europe: the political aspect. Migration policy and collective identity: the experience of Russian-Germans in Germany. The human capital of highly qualified Russian-speaking specialists in emigration: the trajectory of professional and career development of immigrants. Gender characteristics and determinants of adaptive behavior of Russian-speaking migrants in Germany.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 677-678

Current topic: The sustainable development rating of Russia’s cities: what’s new?
In the issue: Domestic and foreign experience in the study of cities losing population: themes, methods and research centers. Current trends within US urban agglomerations. Moscow: capital, global city, agglomeration. Major cities in Central Asia: between demography and politics.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 675-676

Current topic: Objective and perceived effects of immigration.
In the issue: The global economic crisis and the migrant labor market. The attitude to immigration and the subjective well-being of the host population. Collection of data on labor migration in the course of sample surveys of the population. Banning entry into the Russian Federation as a mechanism of regulating migration processes.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 673-674

Current topic: Are deaths from accidental alcohol poisoning counted correctly?
In the issue: There was no warning. A necessary comment on the organization of mortality statistics. What can be learned from comparing operative and annual data on causes of death. The specific character of causes of death according to different kinds of evidence. Distinguishing features of mortality statistics in Russia’s regions. Pitfalls of operative forecasting. An unexpected conclusion. Links to related topics. Topics of previous issues.

Demographic Review #3

In the issue: Recent trends in remittances: Russia and the world. Assessing the impact of the maternity capital policy in Russia. The role of interfamily exchange in the system of material support and care for the elderly in modern Russia. Peasant resettlement in the 1920s (from the history of migration in Russia). Some problems of assessing population losses during collectivization.

Illustration for news: Winter School of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Winter School of the Faculty of Social Sciences

On January 31st – February 3rd 2016, the Winter School of the Faculty of Social Sciences was held at the ‘Voronovo’ Learning Centre, HSE. During the event, potential master’s students took part in master classes, business cases and meetings with students and graduates of the faculty’s educational programmes.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 671-672

Current topic: Cohabitation without registration in Russia.
In issue: Unregistered unions: marriage strategies of young representatives of the urban middle class. Russian consensual unions at the beginning of the 21st century. The composition and wellbeing of single-parent families in Russia. Singe mothers in modern China: status and problems.