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Information for Freshmen

1. Download HSE App X

HSE App X for iOS

HSE App X for Android

2. Fill in the information about the COVID status

The form for entering information is available to HSE students in the HSE App X mobile app. You can go to the form through the banner, which is available immediately after logging in to the app, or through the "Profile" tab.

Detailed information about the App is here https://www.hse.ru/vaccination/faq. It’s in Russian for now. English version will be available in the nearest days.

3. Get a HSE student ID card

To get a student card, you should bring 2 color photos of 3 cm x 4 cm in size to the Programme office first. The Programme office (office 104) is located at 29 Malaya Ordynka Street (Tretyakovskaya metro station, Novokuznetskaya metro station, Polyanka metro station).

Please, bring the photos during the working hours only. The working hours are specified on the programme's website https://www.hse.ru/ma/epba/office/

Important! Photos should be signed.

You’ll get a notification on your email when the student ID card is ready.

4. Get access to the HSE library, the library of Kyung Hee University, as well as to the faculty and student club of our programme "Korea Coner”

  • To enroll in the HSE Library, please fill out the registration online form on the Library's website https://library.hse.ru/en/ To do this, you will need your student ID number and a corporate email address.
  • To get access to the electronic resources of the Kyung Hee University library, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with Kyung Hee University, get the ID number of a Kyung Hee student. The ID-number will be a login for access to the electronic resources of the library of the Kyung Hee University.

When: end of September

  • You can get some scientific and educational literature in the “Korea Сorner” (room 401, 29, Malaya Ordynka str.). Some of the literature can be given "on hand", you can work with a number of textbooks in the reading room of the Club

5. Issue a student's Social Card

The service can be obtained at the multifunctional center (MFC)

Your steps:

1. Check the availability of your data on the website of the Moscow Social Register

2. Register on the portal www.mos.ru (scroll down for English) and apply for a Muscovite card through your personal account. The term of consideration of the application is 30 calendar days. You can track the status of the application in your personal account or by link.

5. Get a Certificate if you need it.

A certificate that you are enrolled in the educational Master’s program of the HSE and you are a student may be required for accommodation or for migration services.

You can get a certificate at the Programme office, having previously made an order for it on the programme's website in the section Students / Study certificate.

It is possible to issue a certificate only after issuing an order about your enrollment within 3 working days from the date of placing the order in the online form.

We kindly ask you to make your order via the online form on the website in advance.

6. Sign and submit a Form of Acknowledgment with the HSE regulations

The answers to all questions about the rules of training at HSE you can find in HSE Academic Handbook or Legal Documents section.

You must sign the Form of Acknowledgment with Charter and Key Internal Bylaws of HSE University, Consent and the Annex and submit it to the Programme office till mid-September

7. Sign an individual curriculum

Sign an individual curriculum at the Programme office until mid-September.

8. To find your timetable using the following options:

  • on the webpage of the programme
  • via LMS
  • via HSE mobile app (available for iOs, Android, or WindowsPhone). The app allows users to browse their timetable (it's necessary to use corporate email address @edu.hse.ru), search classes by lecturers / study groups, find location of classes, and integrate the timetable into one's personal calendar.

 How to Set Up Individual Schedule on your Mobile Device 

9. To Issue Electronic ID Badges

All information about Issuing Electronic ID Badges you can find here.

To issue Electronic ID Badges you’ll need your Students ID or a Certificate from the Programme office.

10. Accommodation service

The alternative student accommodation service is aimed at the students living beyond the 8th zone of the Russian Railways. Those who are eligible to a hostel can leave an application via the Student Housing Office website (through a special form), but the selection will occur from the accommodation options available at the time of application.