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! Please be aware that Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers are not applicable.  

The "Financial Analyst" program welcomes the international applicants who meet the following requirements:

— bachelor’s degree or equivalent
— strong proficiency in English
— a strong economics, financial or mathematics background

Prior work experience in the field, including through an internship or other traineeship, is an advantage.

Language of Instruction: English. 

International applicants are considered for admission based on the application portfolio.

Portfolio composition:

Portfolio componentObligatory / optionalMaximum scoreComments
Motivation letterObligatory10 points

No more than one A4 page consists of:

 a) the reasons why the candidate wants to apply to the program;

b) professional plans for the future
Resume/CVObligatory10 pointsResume mentioning the information on higher education, employment, scientific experience (if any), internships done, stating position and a list of duties performed.
Recommendation letter(s)Obligatory10 pointsLetters of recommendation (no more than 2) from specialists, course instructors and professors, colleagues/employer. You can use the HSE Letter of Recommendation form or use your own

Publications in scientific and business journals.

Participation in research and applied conferences.


15 points

List of articles in scientific and professional journals, Articles/theses in collections of papers, conferences, collections of student works, etc., indicating the full name of the author and the title of the publication.

Field  activities: Internship / Job Experience.

Optional 10 points One indicates internship or work experience in the company. 

Trainings, executive trainings, Olympiads, case championships, etc.

Optional10 pointsList of advanced training programs, a list of Olympiads and case championships in which the candidate took part with the mandatory attachment of a copy of the received document/certificate.

International professional certificates: CFA, FRM, ACCA or separate exams on them.

15 points

In case of providing the evidence of the corresponding certificate.



20 points



 100 points 

The total points from 45 to 100 (inclusively) means an international applicant is recommended for enrollment.

International applicants must provide that their previous education is in English or English is their Native language.

• In some cases, in the absence of above-mentioned documents, the applicant may be interviewed by the Selection Committee to determine their English proficiency level.

If the applicant provides, in addition to the mandatory elements of the portfolio, documents confirming participation in scientific and applied conferences, trainings, Olympiads, case championships, etc., publications in scientific and business journals, internships, qualification trainings, electronic copy of the received international professional certificate CFA, FRM, ACCA or separate exams on them, the score of the portfolio could be higher.

Each applicant must be interviewed for admission to “Financial Analyst” Master's program. The interview is held in order to get acquainted with an applicant, as well as to clarify the information provided by him/her or to clarify the English proficiency level.

Form of interview: face-to-face meeting or online interview.

Any passed level of the CFA program exams provides an exemption from a Program's course.

Please find the information about the application steps here.

If you are a Russian citizen, please follow the instructions here.