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About the Programme

This programme trains executives in research & innovation activities for Russian tech companies and research centres, as well as innovation-oriented endeavours. RVC and the Research & Innovation Directors’ Club are the programme’s partners. The programme offers a well-rounded view of innovation processes, from idea generation to final production. Among its key features are a particular focus on the practical aspects of management with respect to the Russian innovation system and ensuring direct communication between students and employers.

This is an interdisciplinary (Engineering and Management) programme.

The key advantage of the programme is its direct contact with Russian and international tech companies, as well as leading research and engineering centres. Another of its important activities is case studies developed by the HSE Case Factory which accumulate organizational and managerial experience in R&D and innovation activities on the part of both Russian and international entities.


The programme includes both traditional subjects, such as economics and management (properly adjusted to business innovation processes), and special subjects necessary for cultivating expertise in managing corporate research, development and innovation.

Core subjects

  • History and philosophy of science and technology
  • Quality control
  • Strategic management in innovative organizations
  • Managing innovative projects and programmes
  • Managing innovation activities
  • Innovation theory

Bridging courses (for students without basic knowledge in economics and management)

  • Economics for entrepreneurs and managers
  • Business administration

Elective subjects (seven subjects and one MOOC to be selected)

  • Knowledge management systems
  • Science and innovation statistics
  • S&T development forecasting
  • Russia’s national innovation system
  • TRIZ (inventive-problem solving theory)
  • Entrepreneurship in innovation
  • Technological trends
  • Engineering
  • Commercializing R&D results
  • Intellectual property management
  • Technology audit
  • Technology marketing
  • HR management in innovative organizations
  • Economics and investment in innovative activities
  • MOOC(massive open online course)

Several courses are taught in English.


Students in the programme engage in research as part of its regular ‘Contemporary Innovation Studies’ seminar, where they must present the results of their studies, discuss term and graduation papers (master’s theses), and prepare publications. Furthermore, students have an opportunity to take part in roundtable discussions, workshops and conferences, including a regular research seminar at the Institute of Innovation Management. Several of these sessions are master classes held by senior executives, experts from successful tech companies, and entrepreneurs. The programme also foresees onsite visits to companies and production sites.

Graduates of the programme have the option of continuing their studies with the HSE Institute of Innovation Management’s doctoral programme.

Vocational Training

Students in the programme are also involved in vocational training at various Russian development institutes (e.g., Innovation Support Fund, RVK, etc.), public corporations (e.g., Rostec, Rosatom, etc.), and other tech companies and corporations (e.g., Inter RAO, MTS, etc.).