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Vladimir Sokolov

  • Vladimir Sokolov has been at HSE University since 2006.

Education and Degrees

  • 2006

    PhD in Economics
    University of Notre Dame

  • 2000

    Master's in Economics
    University of Notre Dame

  • 1997

    Volgograd State Technical University

Awards and Accomplishments

Best Teacher – 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2011


ICEF Executive International Academic Committee

ICEF Tenure Stream Recruiting Committee

HSE University Student Research Evaluation Committee

Sokolov_CV (PDF, 132 Кб)



Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)


Participation in Conferences

2023: American Finance Association Annual Meeting (AFA) in New Orleans; 12th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society (Chania); 24th April International HSE Conference (Moscow); Modern Econometric Tools and Applications META2023 (Nizhny Novgorod)

2022: 49th Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association (Barcelona); 23d April International HSE Conference (Moscow); Modern Econometric Tools and Applications META2022 (Nizhny Novgorod)

2021: 10th Economics of Payments conference (Helsinki); iCare9 International Conference on Applied Research in Economics (Perm); IFABS “Financial System(s) of Tomorrow” (Oxford); Modern Econometric Tools and Applications META2021 (Nizhny Novgorod)

2020: Modern Econometric Tools and Applications META2020 (Nizhny Novgorod)

2019: Northwestern-Duke Tenth Annual Workshop on Research Design for Causal Inference, Duke University (USA); 2nd Workshop in Financial Economics (Moscow); 8th International Moscow Finance Conference (Moscow); 9th CInST Banking Workshop (Moscow). 

2018: European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets in Gerzensee; University of Marseille Research Seminar (Marseille)

2017: American Economic Association Annual Meeting (AEA) in Chicago; Annual Meeting of the Association of Comparative Economic Studies (ACES) in Chicago; FMA European conference in Lisbon; 6th Industrial Organization and Spatial Economics Conference in St. Petersburg; European Meeting of the Econometric Society (ES) in Lisbon, XVIII HSE Moscow April International Academic Conference; iCare 5 Perm.

2016:  Annual Meeting of the Association of Comparative Economic Studies (ACES) in San Francisco; IFABS 2016 Barcelona; FEBS 2016 Malaga, 4th Moscow Finance Conference; Bank of Finland; XVII HSE Moscow April International Academic Conference; 6th CInSt Banking Workshop in Moscow.

Timetable for today

Full timetable

Congratulations to SRPC-2023 Winners

The HSE Student Research Paper Competition 2023 (SRPC) has announced its results. Among prize winners in the Finance category is Natalia Korsik, who holds her bachelor’s from ICEF.

‘This Conference Aims at Strengthening HSE University’s Reputation as a Global Research Centre in the Field of Finance’

On November 24-25, 2023, the 12th ICEF-CInSt International Finance Conference is being held. The event shall be organised jointly by the International Laboratory of Financial Economics (LFE ICEF) and the Centre for Institutional Studies (CInSt). LFE Head Vladimir Sokolov and CInSt Acting Director Maria Semenova commented on the participants, key topics to be presented, and how the conference creates a platform for cooperation and co-authorship for experts from all over the world.

”Our Conference Aims to Strengthen the HSE’s Reputation as a Global Finance Research Centre”

The International Moscow Finance Conference will open its doors for the twelfth time on 24 and 25 November 2023. We talked with conference organizers Vladimir Sokolov of HSE ICEF International Laboratory of Financial Economics and Maria Semenova of HSE Centre for Institutional Studies and asked about the keynote presentations, speakers, and how this Conference facilitates cooperation and co-authorships.

ICEF Graduates and Students Announced Winners of Student Research Paper Competition-2022

The HSE University has summed up the results of its Student Research Paper Competition-2022, held among students and graduates. For the representatives of ICEF, this contest was yet another proof of their excellent performance. Four won prizes as best finance and economics papers, three more received an honourable mention. This year’s competition among participants was greater than ever: since 2021 the authors of the winning papers receive a special scholarship from HSE for exceptional academic achievements.

Welcome to Hogwarts of Finance: ICEF Held Master’s Students Initiation Ceremony

The students, lecturers and office of the MSc Financial Economics got together for the Welcome Pizza Day, an opportunity to talk informally that involved absorbing presentations and revealed exciting things about each other’s personalities.  

HSE University Hosted ICEF-CInSt 11th International Moscow Finance Conference

14 October 2022, ICEF Laboratory of Financial Economics (LFE) and Centre for Institutional Studies (CInSt) held the 11th International Moscow Finance Conference. The event featured six presentations by researchers based in China, Australia and USA. Acting as discussants were professors of HSE and schools in Romania.

‘We Have Utilised the Strengths of Two Events’

On October 14, HSE University will host the 11th ICEF-CInSt International Moscow Finance Conference. This year’s event is the result of the joint organisational efforts of the International Laboratory of Financial Economics (LFE ICEF) and the Centre for Institutional Studies (CinSt). Vladimir Sokolov and Maria Semenova, members of the conference's organising committee, spoke to the HSE News Service about the programme and participants of the event.

ICEF Held Thesis Defense Sessions for Its Master’s Cohort

Presented to the thesis committee was a total of 31 master’s theses. Of these, twenty-one were given excellent grades, with four scoring 10. The thesis committee had among its members professors of ICEF, NES and HSE. Here’s how the honours students prepared for their thesis defense, what drove their choice of topic and what they plan to do after graduation.

'The Beauty of Academia Is That It’s an Incredibly Democratic Institution'

The 10th Anniversary International Moscow Finance Conference organized by the ICEF Laboratory of Financial Economics, was held online in October 2021. At the end of the conference, Vladimir Sokolov, Head of the Laboratory and Associate Professor at ICEF, talked with Christian Juilliard, Research coordinator of the Laboratory and professor at LSE. In an interview Christian shared his impressions of LSE-ICEF cooperation, about digital fatigue and the interest in cryptocurrencies as an area of research.

‘We Can Now Say That the Finance Conference Is Global’

The 10th International Moscow Finance Conference, organized by HSE ICEF, took place on October 29–30 online. Vladimir Sokolov, Head of the International Laboratory of Financial Economics, which hosted the conference, talks about the participants, the key presentation topics and how they will impact the global economy.

'Financial Economics Conference Could Now Go Global'

October 29-30 will witness the 10th Jubilee International Moscow Finance Conference take place online, organized by the HSE ICEF and hosted by its Laboratory of Financial Economics (LFE). Vladimir Sokolov, Head of LFE, gave a brief presentation of the conference participants and keynote speakers and how their findings can affect the global economy.

ICEF Academia held a welcome meeting for its new enrollment

Alongside with the core curriculum,ICEF Academia offers its students more advanced courses, research and scientific debate opportunities, and better preparation for academic careers. Presenting ICEF Academia to first-year students were its leaders, teachers, and ICEF graduate Arseny Stolyarov, who is currently doing a PhD at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

ICEF Students Praised by Experts for Their Research Endeavors

A springboard to careers in academia for many promising contestants, this year’s Student Research Paper Competition has announced as many as 13 winners – students and graduates of ICEF.

Research Only: How Academic Tourism Went Online and Why Scholars Like It

On October 23 – 24, 2020, the IX International Moscow Finance Conference will take place. The event has been organized jointly by ICEF and the London School of Economics. This year, the list of participants includes the editors of the two biggest journals in economics. Alexei Boulatov , Tenured Professor of HSE University, spoke about how the online format influenced the quality of academic events, what has changed in academic life over the last few months, and the topics that interest researchers today.

Pure science: How academic tourism moved online to researchers’ satisfaction

On October 23-24, the International Moscow Finance Conference will open its doors for the ninth time, organized by ICEF in cooperation with the London School of Economics. This year’s speakers include editors of two major economic journals. We talked to Alexei Boulatov, ICEF Full Professor to find out how the quality of scientific events has been influenced by online format, how academic life has changed over the recent months and what themes the research community pursues these days.

We Forecast a Severe Global Recession

ICEF held a round table on Global Economy Challenges in 2020. Mr Thanassis Gontikas, Senior Vice-President of Edmond de Rothschild Bank (EdR) in Switzerland, was invited as a speaker.

ICEF Student Presents Report on ‘The Economy for Future Development’ to the Russian President

HSE ICEF student Alexander Lee delivered a presentation titled ‘The Economy for Future Development’ during the session ‘Youth 2030. The image of the future’ at the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, which took place in Russia from October 14-22. The presentation was based on creative work and discussions held over the course of one week among a group of international students led by experts from ISSEK and Yuri Simachev, Director for Economic Policy. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, took part in the event.

Welcome Aboard: Tenure-Track Introductions

Every year The HSE Look continues its tradition of welcoming newly recruited international faculty via short summaries about their positions and research interests. In the 34th issue we introduce the tenure-track faculty members, and in November you can learn more about post-doctoral researchers who are starting their work at HSE this fall.

HSE Develops Discussion Programme for World Festival of Youth and Students

An agreement relating to the programme was signed by HSE and Roscongress Foundation at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

‘It’s Time to Discuss Our Projects’

From November 18th-19th the First International Moscow Finance Conference, organized by the HSE International College of Economics and Finance, took place at the Higher School of Economics. Carsten Sprenger, Head of the HSE International Laboratory of Financial Economics, told us about the conference participants, the programme and his impressions of the event.