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Language Proficiency
Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room M409
SPIN-RSCI: 7517-2735
ORCID: 0000-0002-8106-9426
ResearcherID: M-8057-2013
Scopus AuthorID: 56005507700
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Ilia Karpov

  • Ilia Karpov has been at HSE University since 2016.


Performing applied research on online social networks.

Research Issues:

Analysis of the online communities structure, information expansion strategies.

Text processing of texts written by users of online social networks: language detection, morphological analysis, sentiment analysis, etc.



National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

  • “Analysis and generation of social networks”, SAS training center

Young Faculty Support Program (Group of Young Academic Professionals)
Category "New Researchers" (2017-2018)

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)



  • Chapter Karpov I., Marakulin R. Social Network Analysis of the ProfessionalCommunity Interaction - Movie Industry Case, in: Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains 22st International Conference, DAMDID/RCDL 2021. Springer, 2022. P. 1-15. (in press)
  • Chapter Karpov I., Kartashev N. Transformers for Online Social Network Language Modelling, in: Analysis of Images, Social Networks and Texts. 9th International Conference, AIST 2021, Moscow, Russia, December 16 – 18, 2021, Revised Selected Papers / Ed. by D. I. Ignatov, A. Panchenko, I. Nikishina, I. Itkin, N. Sirbiladze, J. Zabolotnaya, A. Napoli, E. Tsymbalov, S. Kuznetsov, E. Burnaev, A. Savchenko, N. Loukachevitch, A. Kutuzov, E. Tutubalina, S. Ivanov, O. Koltsova, J. Saramäki, M. Khachay, P. Pardalos. Vol. 12345w: LNCS. Springer Publishing Company, 2022. P. 1-10. (in press)
  • Article Карпов И. А., Крылова Т. В., Тимошенко С. П. Комплексный лингвистический анализ особенностей электронного комментария в социальных сетях // Русский язык в научном освещении. 2022. № 1. С. 9-43. doi


Chapter Karpov I., Glazkova E. Detecting Automatically Managed Accounts in Online Social Networks: Graph Embeddings Approach, in: Recent Trends in Analysis of Images, Social Networks and Texts. 9th International Conference, AIST 2020. Revised Supplementary Proceedings / Ed. by W. M. van der Aalst, V. Batagelj, A. V. Buzmakov, D. I. Ignatov, A. A. Kalenkova, M. Khachay, O. Koltsova, A. Kutuzov, S. Kuznetsov, I. A. Lomazova, N. Loukachevitch, I. Makarov, A. Napoli, A. Panchenko, P. M. Pardalos, M. Pelillo, A. Savchenko, E. Tutubalina. Vol. 1357. Springer, 2021. doi P. 11-21. doi



Chapter Fenogenova A., Kazorin V., Karpov I., Krylova T. Automatic morphological analysis on the material of Russian social media texts, in: Proceedings of Third Workshop "Computational linguistics and language science" Issue 4. Manchester : EasyChair, 2019. doi P. 11-17. doi




  • Chapter Fenogenova A., Karpov I., Kazorin V. A General Method Applicable to the Search for Anglicisms in Russian Social Network Texts, in: Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language AINL FRUCT 2016 Conference, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 10-12 November 2016 / Сост.: S. I. Balandin, A. Filchenkov, Pivovarova L., J. Zizka. FRUCT Oy, 2016. P. 31-36.
  • Chapter Karpov I., Kozhevnikov M., Kazorin V., Nemov N. Entity Based Sentiment Analysis Using Syntax Patterns and Convolutional Neural Network, in: Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies: Proceedings of the Annual International Conference “Dialogue” (2016). М. : Изд-во РГГУ, 2016. P. 225-236.


  • 2018

    XXXVIII Sunbelt Conference (Утрехт). Presentation: Profiling Online Social Network Users as Fast as Lightning

  • 2016

    Компьютерная лингвистика и интеллектуальные технологии (Диалог 22) (Москва). Presentation: Entity Based Sentiment Analysis Using Syntax Patterns and Convolutional Neural Network

  • Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language (AINL) 2016 (Санкт-Петербург). Presentation: A General Method Applicable to the Search for Anglicisms in Russian Social Network Texts

Timetable for today

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Ilia Karpov received the Best Paper Award at the AIST 2020 conference

The paper “Detecting Automatically Managed Accounts in Online Social Networks: Graph Embedding Approach” by Ilia Karpov, Junior Research Fellow at ANR-Lab, and his colleague Ekaterina Glazkova won the Best Paper Award in the area of Social Networks Analysis in the collection of publications following the results of the 9th International Conference on Analysis of Images, Social Networks, and Texts, held online on October 15-16. 

The HSE rector's allowance awards Ilia Karpov

Ilia Karpov, a junior researcher at the International Laboratory for Applied Network Research, was awarded an academic achievement award by the HSE Academic Fund. Congratulations to Ilia on recognizing the results of his work and the rector's allowance for one year.

Online Section on Network Analysis at the HSE 2020 April Conference

On April 20-21, the two-day online section “Network Analysis” was held as part of the XXI April International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development, organized by the International laboratory of applied network research. Both days were fruitful and rich in scientific communication: the section brought together researchers from different cities of Russia, Slovenia and the USA.

ANR-Lab at the XX April International Scientific Conference of the Higher School of Economics

At the XX April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, ANR-Lab organized its own section "Network Analysis". 

ANR-Lab at NetGlow`2018 in St.Petersburg

Members of the International laboratory for Applied Network Research took part at the Conference “Networks in the Global World. Principles behind Structures: Patterns of complexity in European societies and beyond”, which was held on July 4-6 in St. Petersburg.

Our session at SUNBELT 2017 in Beijin

Members of the ANR-Lab have organized its own session “SNA in Russia: Progress and Prospects” at the XXXVII SUNBELT CONFERENCE of the INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FOR SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS, which took place in Beijin, China from May 30 till Jine 4.

Our session at ARS 2017

On May 16-17 in Naples (Italy) the Sixth International Workshop on Social Network Analysis “Challenges in Social Network Research” took place, where ANR-Lab organized its session.