Оpen seminar by Dr. Ozcan Saritas on ‘New Foresight methods’

On July 20th, 2011, an open seminar by Dr. Ozcan Saritas on ‘New Foresight methods’ took place at the HSE. The event was organized by the HSE ISSEK Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies.

Researchers of ILSCR at international conferences

Regional Conference of the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) entitled "Istanbul: 25 years later: Self-Reflections and Future Directions" held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 30th June to 3 July.

Science, Technology and Innovation Development

International workshop "Science, Technology and Innovation Development” was held at Higher School of Economics on July 11-13, 2011

S. Schwartz: Reflections and future direction of the ILSCR in the light of summer school and mini-conference

In June, 28 at the seminar of the International SEL of sociocultural research were discussed the results of last summer school devoted to the measurement of values and socio-economic behavior. Seminar participants had the opportunity to watch the videos of interviews conducted with foreign experts who participated in the summer school.

I Summer School “Values and Socio-Economical Behaviour: Cross-cultural Dimensions and Explanatory Models”: interviews with participants

In the end of the Summer School researchers of the International Scientific-Educational Laboratory of Socio-Cultural Research interviewed professors Eldad Davidov, Valery Chirkov, Shalom Schwarts, Emiko Kashima, Nadezhda Lebedeva, Peter Schmidt, Adam Cohen. During the interview experts described their impressions of the event and offered their ideas about the organization of future Summer Schools.

Christian Julliard: ‘A Researcher Knows “Yesterday”, Understands “Today” And Foresees “Tomorrow”’

All last week Christian Julliard, a Lecturer in the Department of Finance at the London School of Economics (LSE) and the coordinator of the International Laboratory of financial economics at ICEF/HSE, was working in Moscow. This time the goals of his visit were to take part in seminars with ICEF research colleagues and being an external examiner for the MSc program in Financial Economics, as well as advice his colleagues on their research trajectories. Our reporter had a chance to meet with the scholar and talk about his background, interests and Russian impressions.

Understanding Nascent Capitalism in Eastern Europe

János Mátyás Kovács, a famous scholar from the Austrian Institute for Human Sciences delivered a lecture on his project on June, 23 at the working seminar of LCSS.

Workshop “Principles of Industrial Statistics and UNIDO Approaches to Classifying Industry Sectors by Technology Intensity” by Shyam Upadhyaya

On June 22, 2011 the Research Laboratory of Science and Technology Studies, HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK), has organized an open workshop by Shyam Upadhyaya “Principles of Industrial Statistics and UNIDO Approaches to Classifying Industry Sectors by Technology Intensity”.

Conference "Research Frontiers of Culture and Psychological Processes"

On June 23 the HSE building at Pokrovsky Boulevard hosted an international mini-conference, organized by the International Laboratory of socio-cultural research, "Research Frontiers of Culture and Psychological Processes".

Summer School of the International Laboratory of Socio-Cultural Research

I International Summer School “Values and Socio-Economical Behavior: Cross-cultural Dimensions and Explanatory Models” was held on 17-21 June in the holiday hotel “Klyazma” near Moscow. Research fellows and trainee researchers of the international laboratory, lecturers and researchers, students and PhD students of HSE participated in the Summer School. The heads and leading researchers of the international laboratory (S. Schwartz, P. Schmidt, N.M. Lebedeva, V.I. Chirkov, A.N. Tatarko) and professors from foreign universities – leading specialists in cross-cultural psychology – were lecturers and scientific consultants in the summer school. English was working language.