'Moscow Seems Like a Totally Different World but I Feel Very Comfortable Here'

On July 21, students from Seoul National University presented their projects devoted to politics, economics and social sphere of Russia. Every year, within the framework of HSE Summer University, a group of South Korean students comes to Moscow to learn the Russian language and take 'Understanding Modern Russia' course. At the end of the course students prepare presentations based on the knowledge they have gained and their own research results.

This year Korean students debated quite controversial issues concerning labor, income, housing, medical care, and education in modern Russia. They also looked at the how the situation has evolved since the Soviet times. One group devoted their work to the Ukrainian crisis and the position of Russia in relation to it. Yet another topic was the emancipation of serfs in Russian art. Here students drew attention to famous Russian paintings, as well as literature and folksongs. 

In addition to discussing all these acute issues Korean students also prepared an entertainment programme. They sang Russian songs, told about visiting beautiful places in Moscow and even showed an amusing sketch about their trip.

Hwan Cheon (Seoul National University)

I’ve been here for three weeks. We studied Russian language and I think this course improved my skills a lot. We also had lectures about politics, economics and diplomacy. As for Moscow, I want to say that you have very interesting weather. It might be sunny but in ten minutes it will start raining heavily. Therefore, you should always take umbrella with you.
When I just came, I understood that people in Moscow are very kind to foreigners. They behave as if we are friends and it’s so great. The only drawback is that you have high prices in comparison to China or South Korea. So, it’s pretty expensive to live here.

Jiyoon Lee (Seoul National University)

I really liked my course in HSE. It was hard at the beginning but after a while I recognized that I learned a lot especially Russian language. During the Understanding of Modern Russia course I had a great opportunity to listen to professors’ ideas about current politics and economics of your country. What is more, now I can understand Russia’s attitude towards various issues.
We visited different places in Moscow and I may say that I like this place a lot. And the weather is very comfortable.

Myungchi Cha (Seoul National University)

I found a course of learning the Russian language very interesting and useful. I started learning it in my university in South Korea and continued here. Overall, I had a five-week course of Russian language and it definitely helped me to get used to this language and to learn some basic grammar rules and vocabulary. Now I feel like I can survive in Russia to some extent.
This is my second time in Moscow. I was here two years ago. I decided to come here again because I liked my first visit a lot. Besides Russia, I’ve been only to Germany and the USA. Moscow seems like a totally different world but I feel very comfortable here. Some Koreans think that Russia isn’t the best place to visit and it can be even dangerous. So I decided to come here to refute this idea. I think I’ve succeeded in it. I would like to visit Moscow again and again.

by Julia Gaponova