Members of the Council

HSE Council decree № 6.18.1-01/2812-18 from 28.12.2017; № 6.18.1-01/3012-06 from 30.12.2020; № 6.18.1-01/310122-3 from 31.01.2022

1.Andrei Melville (Chair)Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy
2.Mikhail Ilyin (Deputy Chair)Doctor of Political Science
3.Igor Orlov (Deputy Chair)Doctor of Sciences in History
4.Yury Gaivoronsky (Academic Secretary)Candidate of Political Science
5.Andrey AkhremenkoDoctor of Political Science
6.Irina BusyginaDoctor of Political Science
7.Oksana Gaman-GolutvinaDoctor of Political Science
8.Boris KapustinDoctor of Sciences in Philosophy
9.Valery LedyaevDoctor of Sciences in Philosophy, PhD
10.Boris MakarenkoCandidate of Political Science
11.Olga MalinovaDoctor of Sciences in Philosophy
12.Andrey MedushevskyDoctor of Sciences in Philosophy
13.Nikolay PetrovCandidate of Sciences in Geography
14.Leonid PolyakovDoctor of Sciences in Philosophy
15.Alexander RaykovDoctor of Engineering Sciences
16.Dina RosenbergPhD
17.Irina SemenenkoDoctor of Political Science
18.Alexander SolovievDoctor of Political Science
19.Andrey StarodubtsevCandidate of Political Science
20.Alexander SungurovDoctor of Political Science
21.Rostislav TurovskyDoctor of Political Science
22.Mark UrnovDoctor of Political Science
23.Maxim KhomyakovDoctor of Sciences in Philosophy
24.Andrei YakovlevCandidate of Sciences in Economics
25.Andrej KrickovicPhD
26.Thomas Frederick RemingtonPhD
27.Steven FishPhD