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Бакалавриат 2020/2021

История глобальных корпораций

Направление: 41.03.05. Международные отношения
Когда читается: 2-й курс, 2 модуль
Формат изучения: без онлайн-курса
Преподаватели: Козлов Вадим Олегович
Язык: английский
Кредиты: 3
Контактные часы: 28

Course Syllabus


The purpose of this course is to provide students with deep understanding of global international business and its importance in today’s globalized world. Practical skills are acquired through team discussions, projects and a large case study. Students are to understand the theoretical hisctorical concepts of global international trade and also its current developments with a special attention to the recent economic crisis. Legal and sociocultural aspects are given enough time, since they play an increasing role in doing business.
Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the history of global international business
  • To understand the theoretical historical concepts of global international trade
  • To show how global corporations transformed the international economy in the twentieth century.
  • To analyze the roots of the modern global economy
  • To show the main directions of the "new" corporate order
  • To research a set of key studies of the "success" stories of the global corporations
Expected Learning Outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • To understand a theoretical framework of the course
  • To understand a process of corporate reconstruction of the American economy
  • Be capable to analyze a phenomenon of the managerial capitalism
  • To be familiar with the history of the creation of the first transnational corporation - "Standard Oil"
  • To understand a phenomenon of the "Starbucks" and its influence on the modern global corporate tendencies
  • Be capable to understand a reasons why Goggle became so influential corporation and how it changed the global economy.
  • Be capable to construct a perspectives of the global corporate order in the 21st century
Course Contents

Course Contents

  • Course introduction
    This is an introduction to the course
  • The Corporate Reconstruction of American capitalism
    We explain how movements of capital, labor and goods created the international economy and how trade was related to the growth of world output. We examine the development of modern American big business, including an explanation of why both assembly-line production and the business corporation first developed in the USA.
  • "Standard Oil" as the first modern corporation
    We look at the example of the first pre-First World War American corporation - "Standard Oil" and the personality of John Rockefeller as a founder of this company.
  • The Arrival of global car industry: Ford Motor Company
    We examine a phenomenon of H. Ford and his company and how it was related to the growth of the American business and change the way of American life on 1910-20th.
  • The Starbucks World: history of the global coffee-houses
    We look at the reasons why Starbucks development was so fast in 2000th. We discuss why some global corporations have grown faster than others on the same industry. We analyze the causes and effects of the World Recession to the Starbucks development.
  • The Coming of the Google Economy
    We show how Google start-up developed into the most important global network and how it spread from one country to another. We explain how it affected the global economy.
  • Global Business New Agenda?
    We try to answer the question: is global corporations make world economy more stable compared with the beginning of the twentieth century or not? This return us to the relationship between the industrialisation and corporate revolution with which we started the module.
Assessment Elements

Assessment Elements

  • non-blocking Seminars activity
  • non-blocking Quizzes
  • non-blocking Oral Exam
Interim Assessment

Interim Assessment

  • Interim assessment (2 module)
    0.4 * Oral Exam + 0.2 * Quizzes + 0.4 * Seminars activity


Recommended Core Bibliography

  • If it's raining in Brasil, buy Starbucks : the investor's guide to profiting from news and other market-moving events, Navarro, P., 2002
  • Managerial capitalism in retrospect, Marris, R., 1998
  • The dynamics of industrial capitalism : Schumpeter, Chandler and the new economy, Langlois, R. N., 2007

Recommended Additional Bibliography

  • Narrating the rise of big business in the USA : how economists explain Standard Oil and Wal-Mart, Mayhew, A., 2008
  • Starbucks навсегда : как спасти бизнес, не потеряв душу, Шульц, Г., 2013
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