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Бакалавриат 2023/2024


Лучший по критерию «Полезность курса для Вашей будущей карьеры»
Лучший по критерию «Полезность курса для расширения кругозора и разностороннего развития»
Лучший по критерию «Новизна полученных знаний»
Статус: Курс обязательный (Международный бизнес)
Направление: 38.03.02. Менеджмент
Когда читается: 2-й курс, 1, 2 модуль
Формат изучения: без онлайн-курса
Охват аудитории: для своего кампуса
Язык: английский
Кредиты: 4
Контактные часы: 48

Course Syllabus


This course provides bachelor students in business and management with a foundational understanding of marketing. It addresses key concepts and frameworks necessary for advanced studies in the field. Additionally, the course emphasises the importance of both academic and industry-specific terminology. The pedagogical approach is comprehensive, integrating lectures, case studies, group projects, and individual assignments.
Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Capable of gathering and analyzing information about product requirements in markets and determining the competitive advantages of the organization's products in markets.
  • Able to analyze the competitive environment.
  • Able to analyze the behavior of consumers of economic goods and shape demand.
Expected Learning Outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Knows key business goals of marketing function
  • Aware of peculiarities of modern marketing
  • Knows key marketing frameworks
  • Knows key steps of marketing planning process
  • Understands the marketing concept through an economic lens
  • Knows the progression of the marketing concept, both theoretically and practically.
  • Familiar with essential methodologies for market analysis and the primary tools and frameworks employed by marketers
  • Familiar with fundamental models of consumer behavior.
  • Familiar with core methodologies for market segmentation and the strategies for segment selection in business.
  • Understands the fundamental components of positioning and common strategies for brand placement.
  • Understands the intricacies of brand development and the essential tools for brand management
  • Understands the components of product strategy and the pivotal marketing decisions within its scope.
  • Understands the primary strategies for pricing and effective communication of its value.
  • Familiar with various marketing channel designs and comprehends challenges in channel management.
  • Understands methods for establishing marcom objectives and the fundamental components of communication and media strategies.
  • Is familiar with essential digital marketing tools and platforms.
Course Contents

Course Contents

  • Marketing as a business function
  • Marketing as an economic phenomenon
  • Marketing as a business philosophy
  • Situation analysis
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Strategic Marketing Decisions: Segmentation and Targeting
  • Strategic Marketing Decisions: Positioning
  • Brand, Branding, and Brand Management
  • Product decisions
  • Pricing Decisions
  • Distribution decisions
  • Marketing communications
  • Digital Marketing
Assessment Elements

Assessment Elements

  • blocking Exam
    Duration: 90 minutes Platform: StartExam without proctoring Types of tasks: - true/false (15 questions), - single choice (15 questions), - ordering (2 tasks), - matching (2 tasks), - multiple choice (10 questions), - essay (2 questions in case format). The minimum score to pass the test is 35 points out of 100. Preparation: A checklist is available for each topic (what you need to know / what skills you need).
  • non-blocking Tests
    T - Preparation: lecture materials - Retake: is possible.
  • non-blocking Social reading on Perusall
    Perusall is an educational platform with elements of a social network. You not only read articles, watch videos, but also comment on materials, respond to comments from your classmates, ask questions, and receive answers from the teacher, and give and receive likes.
  • non-blocking Group project
    Project goal: During the preparation of the case presentation, the group goes through the main stages of the GTM strategy development process: analysis, goal setting, marketing strategy development.
  • non-blocking Activity at seminars
  • non-blocking Extra tasks
Interim Assessment

Interim Assessment

  • 2023/2024 2nd module
    Final Score (100 max) = exam * 0.4 + tests * 0.1 + Perusall * 0.2 + group project * 0.2 + activity at seminars * 0.1 + extra assignments (up to 10 extra points on top)


Recommended Core Bibliography

  • Principles of marketing, Kotler, P., 2018

Recommended Additional Bibliography

  • Advanced introduction to consumer behavior analysis, Foxall, G., 2017