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About the Programme

Our Bachelor’s degree programme combines traditional approaches to foreign language teaching with innovative educational practices. We aim to provide our students with personalized learning tracks, offering a selection of foreign languages to learn, areas of specialization, elective courses and fields of study to choose from. Having mastered two foreign languages, our graduates apply their language skills and specific professional competencies to pursue careers in education, translation/ interpretation, intercultural communication and discourse analysis.

Required and elective courses

Courses for Theory and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching track 

Educational Psychology and Foreign Language Teaching

Language Teacher Professional Activity

Current Trends in Language Teaching

Courses for Translation and Interpreting Studies track

Interpretation and Translation: Theory and Practice

Business Translation Practice

Audiovisual Translation

Courses for the Intercultural Business Communication track

Organisational Communication

Corporate Culture and Business Communication

Intercultural Aspects of Corporate Communication

Our Bachelor’s programme distinctive features

  • All students learn two foreign languages, English and the language of their choice (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese). 

  • At the end of their 2nd year our students take a course Introduction to Profession (Cross-Cultural Communication, Theory of Translation, Theory of Language Teaching) to make their choice out of three tracks available

  • Our instructors use the latest achievements in the field of foreign language teaching and intercultural communication. Our students use their linguistic competence to communicate successfully, both orally or in writing, in various fields and environments, in formal or informal situations, within their own culture or where diverse cultures meet.

  • Our English language courses are based on the state-of the-art approach that has proved its efficiency as an instrument to form students’ communicative competence. We stress the mutual student/instructor involvement in the process of language acquisition/teaching and students’ responsibility for their academic achievement.

  • Most of our courses are taught in English, some of the second foreign language courses are taught in those respective languages.

  • In agreement with the HSE policy, our curriculum includes Massive Open Online Courses and Data Culture courses, which equip students with a set of multi-purpose skills and give them a career competitive advantage in the future.

  • Our students acquire research and academic writing skills to successfully pursue a Master's degree.

  • HSE has exchange agreements with a number of universities abroad, so our students may take advantage of our Student International Mobility programmes, spending a semester abroad or at an HSE campus in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of study.

  • Our vibrant social life is reflected in the campus event calendar, offering students various activities and performances: various language clubs (ссылки), conferences, festivals, city tours and workshops from practitioners.

Our academic staff

Our students are taught by leading professionals in language teaching, translation /interpreting and intercultural communication. 

Career prospects

 As a graduate of our Bachelor’s programme,you will be fully prepared for a career in the field of:

  • Translation/Interpreting

  • Education

  • Corporate Communication

  • Corporate Culture Management

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Human Resources

  • Consulting

  • Executive Assistant Services

  • Speechwriting / Copywriting/ Web Writing

  • Media and Publishing

  • Community Management

  • Research & Analytics