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International Laboratory for Social Integration Research

International Handbook of Love. Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Perspectives
In press

Rozhdestvenskaya E.

Switzerland: Springer Publishing Company, 2021.

Book chapter
Reporting on “Islam” and “Terror” in Russian vs. US Media

Samoilenko S. A., Logunova O., Davydov S. G. et al.

In bk.: Islam in Russia: Religion, Politics, and Society. L.: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2023. Ch. 4. P. 49-68.

Working paper
Introducing the COVID-19 crisis Special Education Needs Coping Survey.

Dukes D., Van Herwegen J., Bolshakov N. et al.

February 16. . PsyArXiv, 2021

The setting up of the International Laboratory for Social Integration Research was a part of the strategic effort of the HSE University to generate the 'know how' and technical expertise. The Lab focuses on international and interregional cooperation in research and teaching, and on creating an international network as a source of multidiciplinary scholarship, education, expertise and facilitation of social improvement, integration and innovation. 


A seminar on "Understanding public attitudes and values that influence the development of inclusive education in Uzbekistan" was held at the ILSIR as part of a series of consulting seminars "Care and well-being in post-socialist Eurasia: institutions, discourses, identities".
May 31
On May 21, HSE University’s International Laboratory for Social Integration Research, together with the GES-2 House of Culture, will organise the first International Interdisciplinary Conference ‘What Does It Mean to Be Deaf? New Challenges for the Community’. The forum dedicated to the social, cultural and linguistic foundations of the deaf community’s functioning in the country and the world is planned in offline and online formats.
May 11
On April 27, 2023, the fourth consultation seminar of the series «Care and Well-being in Post-Soviet Eurasia: Institutions, Discourses, Identities» was held in the Laboratory. The meeting was devoted to the discussion of the topic «Public Attitudes towards Vulnerable People in Russia in the Context of Care and Inclusion Work. A case of ASD».
May 01
Danila Ivanov, a Research Assistant at the ILSIR, spoke at the European Conference on Social Work Research (ECSWR 2023).
April 28
On April 24, 2023, the Laboratory hosted a seminar on the topic "Factors and barriers to the implementation of the values of transparency and accountability in socially oriented non-profit organizations of the regions of Russia". 
April 26
On April 18, 2023, the second consultation seminar from the series "Care and well-being in post-socialist Eurasia: institutions, discourses, identities". The meeting was devoted to the discussion of the topic «“Special Path” Discourse in Framing Political News on Russian TV». 
April 24
We invite everyone to join the celebration on April 22, 2023. Birthday of the Faculty of Social Sciences!
April 20
Throughout the year, the HSE International Laboratory for Social Integration Research (ILSIR) is hosting consulting seminars on ‘Care and Welfare in Post-Socialist Eurasia: Institutions, Discourses, Identities’ with presentations by leading foreign experts. The first seminar in the series, ‘Conceptualising Social Activism’ was held on April 4 with the participation of Professor Linda Cook, Academic Supervisor of HSE ILSIR. The second one will take place on April 18.
April 18
Francesca Chiarvesio successfully defended her dissertation on the topic: "Anti-corruption in the discourses of civil society actors in Russia". 
April 17
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