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January 18 (online seminar) Maxim Gurin, Ekaterina Dolgova
Possibilities of neighborhood research in the context of assisted living for people with disabilities: reflection on theoretical and research approaches 

January 19 (online seminar) Roman Abramov, Nikita Bolshakov, Tatyana Vlasova, Konstantin Obukhov, Danila Ivanov, Ekaterina Dolgova, Maria Malofeeva, Irina Shuvalova 
Seminar of the Department of Management and the ILSIR: "Challenges and potential of interaction between museums and key institutional actors" 

January 30 (online seminar) Ekaterina Bemler, Olga Madfes
Seminar «We invite you to the first SOC UP in 2024!»

January 30 (online seminar) Maria Kozlova
Seminar "The Era of Mercy: Inclusive Attitudes and Practices of Russians who support "Traditional" and "European" Values"

January 31 (online seminar) Maxim Gurin, Anastasia Andreeva, Daria Miroshnikova
Seminar "Grassroots innovations in schools: the role of school staff in their origin"

March 1 (online seminar) Marharyta Fabrykant
Seminar "Trust as a resource: factors and functions of trust in a comparative cross-cultural perspective"

May 31 (conference) RANEPA St. Petersburg (Department of State and Municipal Management), Russian Society of Sociologists (Research Committee "Sociology of Childhood"), St. Petersburg State University (Department of Applied and Sectoral Sociology), ILSIR, HSE University
The All-Russian Scientific and Practical conference with international participation "Childhood in modern Russia: problems, politics, prospects"

May 31 – June 2 (conference) GES-2 House of Culture, ILSIR, HSE University 
The Second Annual Interdisciplinary Conference "Researching the Deaf community"


January 23 (defense of the candidate's dissertation) Aleksandr Bugrovskii 
Defense of Alexander Bugrovskii's PhD thesis 

January 25 (online seminar) Polina Guseva 
Master class on writing a literary review 

January 27 (online seminar)
 Maria Kozlova, Tatiana Riabichenko and Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova
Seminar of the Research-Educational Group "Friendly educational environment: at the intersection of the interests of the school and the city" 

January 27 (online seminar) Marina Alexandrova 
Opportunities and Benefits of participating in the HSE Academic Personnel Reserve Program  

February 8 (lecture) Andrey Kozlov  
Lecture on the topic: "BONES as an anthropologist to deal with genes and the sun, fish and lichens, cows and deer" 

February 16 - March 30 (colloquium) ILSIR, HSE University / The State Tretyakov Gallery. Nikita Bolshakov 
Colloquium on Disability Studies at the State Tretyakov Gallery 

February 27 (online seminar) Diana Koroleva, Aleksandra Mikhailova, Maria Kozlova 
Seminar of the Research-Educational Group "Friendly educational environment: at the intersection of the interests of the school and the city" 

March 1 (online seminar) Konstantin Obukhov, Polina Guseva 
The place of professional knowledge and skills in the practice of volunteering for the socially oriented non-profit sector of the regions of Russia 

March 6 (online seminar) Tatiana Vlasova, Danila Ivanov, Maria Kozlova 
Cultural citizenship: definition and empirical applicability 

March 29 (online seminar) Maxim Gurin 
Seminar "Principals, head teachers, teachers: roles and contribution to the dissemination of school innovations" 

April 4
 (online seminar) 
Linda Cook 
The first seminar (within the framework of the series of consulting seminars "Care and Welfare in Post-Socialist Eurasia: Institutions, Discourses, Identities") 

April 4 – 14 (sections within the framework of the XXIV Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development) Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, Daria Prisyazhniuk, Victoria Antonova, Marina Alexandrova, Nikita Bolshakov, Roman Abramov, Sergey Davydov, Elizaveta Polukhina, Tatiana Vlasova, Konstantin Obukhov, Ekaterina Dolgova, Danila Ivanov, Aleksandr Bugrovskii and Natalia Baisha 
Laboratory staff will take part in the XXIV Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development 

April 17 (defense of a candidate dissertation) Francesca Chiarvesio 
Defense of the PhD thesis by Francesca Chiarvesio 

April 18 (online seminar) Linda Cook 
The second seminar (within the framework of the series of consulting seminars "Care and Welfare in Post-Socialist Eurasia: Institutions, Discourses, Identities") 

April 20 (online seminar) Charlie Walker 
The third seminar (within the framework of the series of consulting seminars "Care and Welfare in Post-Socialist Eurasia: Institutions, Discourses, Identities") 

April 24 (online seminar) Konstantin Obukhov, Viktoria Antonova 
Factors and barriers to the implementation of the values of transparency and accountability in socially oriented non-profit organizations in the regions of Russia 

April 27 (online seminar) Charlie Walker 
The fourth seminar (within the framework of the series of consulting seminars "Care and Welfare in Post-Socialist Eurasia: Institutions, Discourses, Identities") 

April 27 (online seminar) Sergey Davydov, Ekaterina Shalonskaya 
Seminar of the Research-Educational Group "Digitalization of the Russian school through the eyes of participants in the educational process" 

April 28 (book presentation) Elizaveta Polukhina, Marina Alexandrova 
Presentation of the book "Practices of qualitative data analysis in Social Sciences" 

May 21 (conferenceILSIR, HSE University / GES-2 House of Culture 
Interdisciplinary conference "What does it mean to be deaf? New challenges for the community" 

May 26 (online seminar) Linda Cook 
The fifth seminar (within the framework of the series of consulting seminars "Care and Welfare in Post-Socialist Eurasia: Institutions, Discourses, Identities") 

June 16 (online seminar) Sergey Davydov
Seminar "AI, regulation and ethics"

June 20 (online seminar)
 Danila Ivanov, Roman Abramov
Seminar "Epistemic transformations of the concept of “social exclusion” in the academic discourse of social policy: foreign and Russian contexts"

June 22 (preliminary defense of the candidate's thesis) Marina Alexandrova 
Preliminary defense of the candidate's thesis of Alexandrova Marina 

June 23 (scientific seminar) Konstantin Obukhov
Scientific seminar of the Department of Management: "Transparency and openness of SO NPOs in Russian regions: advantages and barriers" 

July 5 (online seminar) Maria Kozlova, Olga Simonova, Olga Madfes
Seminar "Social partnerships of modern Russian schools as a tool for creating a rich educational environment and overcoming inequality"

August 4 (preliminary defense of the candidate's dissertation) Habib Reza 
Preliminary defense of the candidate's dissertation of Habib Reza 

September 6 (defense of the candidate's dissertation) Daniil Lebedev
Defense of the PhD thesis of Lebedev Daniil Vadimovich

September 20 (defense of a doctoral dissertation) Maria Kozlova
Defense of the doctoral dissertation of Kozlova Maria Andreevna

October 4 (online seminarMaksim LukinGalina Orlova
Seminar «Editorial portfolio and other forms of temporality of Soviet book publishing: on the material of the Molodaya Gvardiya publishing house of the late 1950s - early 1970s»

October 27 (preliminary defense of the candidate's dissertation) Habib Reza 
Preliminary defense of the candidate's dissertation of Habib Reza 

November 13-15 (conferenceILSIR, HSE University
III International Research Conference "Interaction. Integration. Inclusion in the era of sociality crisis"

November 16-20 (autumn school) ILSIR, HSE University
Autumn School of the HSE International Laboratory for Social Integration Research 

November 20 (online seminar) Danila Ivanov, Roman Abramov
Seminar on the topic "Ethical Dilemmas of Social Inclusion Practices in Art Museums: The Case of Moscow Exhibition Spaces Network" 

December 5 (online seminar) Alexandra KamenskayaElena Berdysheva
Seminar on the topic "What they say about oncology in the media: the results of thematic modeling"

December 14 (online seminar) Victoria Somova, Oxana Mikhaylova
Seminar on the topic "Confidential communication between a doctor and a patient: an example of young doctors"

December 27 (online seminar) Danila Parshikov, Maxim Gurin
Seminar on the topic "Methodological approaches to interviewing people with mental disabilities: analysis of research literature and field experience"


January 17 (online seminar) ILSIR, HSE University / Russian Committee of Children's Villages - SOS. Sergey Gorbunov, Alyona Ivanova, Pavel Borisov, Darina Pishchulina, Evgeny Rostovtsev 
A study of the life of young people aged 14-18 living in SOS villages

February 9 (workshop) Svetlana Borodina, Nikita Bolshakov and Charlie Walker
The Inclusion of Children and Youth in Post-Socialist Countries 

February 17 (workshop) Egle Sumskiene and Violeta Gevorgianiene, Ivan Ivanov and Roman Zvyagintsev
The Inclusion of Children and Youth in Post-Socialist Countries (3)

February 22 (online seminar) Center for Welfare and Labor Research, Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Studies / Aadne Aasland, Jorn Holm-Hansen, Marte Hande Mire
Accommodation of regional and ethno-cultural diversity

March 1 (online seminar) Maria Kurnikova
Social well-being of a family with a disabled child in the space of physical culture and sports

March (workshop) Alexandra Alekseeva, Elena Kutepova and Natallia Bahdanovich Hanssen, Maria Kozlova and Tatiana Riabichenko
The Inclusion of Children and Youth in Post-Socialist Countries (4)

March 18 (workshop) Linda J. Cook, Maria Kozlova, Alfiya Lyapina and Igor Mikheev
The Inclusion of Children and Youth in Post-Socialist Countries (5)

March 29 (online seminar)  Andrey Kozlov and Galina Vershubskaya
Reproductive Behavior of Russian and Indigenous Women in Small Towns and Villages

April 5 (section of the XXIII Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development) Linda J. Cook, Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, Olga Ulybina and Rhodri Mansell, Lauri Heimo, Christian Fröhlich
Global Social Policy Issues

April 5 (section of the XXIII Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development) Viktoria Antonova, Roman Abramov, Anna Demyanova, Nina Kolybashkina, Daria Vakhrusheva, Anna Sukhova, Christian Fröhlich and Marina Aleksandrova
Social integration in the professional and labor sphere 

April 26 (online seminar) Sergey Davydov
Sociological analysis of the circulation of medical data in Russia

May 3 (online seminar) Michael MakoelleTsediso and Daria Prisyazhniuk
The Inclusion of Children and Youth in Post-Socialist Countries (6)

May 23 (online seminar) Linda J. Cook, Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova and Vladimir Kozlov 
Demographic and family policies in three post-communist countries

May 25 (online seminar) Isaac Olumayowa Oni 
Socio-economic integration of African migrants in Russia 

May 27 (seminar) Lili di Puppo, Christian Fröhlich and Arnab Roy Chowdhury 
Anti-corruption discourses of civil society actors in Russia in a context of legitimacy deficit 

May 30 (online seminar) Ekaterina Dolgova 
People with sensory impairments in the social space of an inclusive Museum: special representations and interaction practices 

June 6 (online seminar) Peter Lobanov 
Analysis of disability histories 

June (online seminar) Maria Ivanova 
Employment of people with mental disabilities in the context of accompanied employment: conditions and motives for participation 

June 20 (roundtable) Lyudmila Goryunova (CEO of "Mikhailov and Partners. Analytics"), Victoria Antonova  
Diversity Management in Russian companies (results of the All-Russian survey of HR managers) 

July 21 (pre-defense of a doctoral dissertation) Maria Kozlova  
Preliminary defense of the doctoral dissertation of Kozlova Maria Andreevna on the topic: "Moral regulation of ethno-cultural diversity in Russian education" 

September 29 (online seminar) Victoria Antonova, Marina Alexandrova, Daria Prisyazhniuk, Tatiana Ryabichenko, Anna Demyanova 
The relationship between the size of the company and the manifestation of inclusive norms and practices in it (according to the results of the All-Russian survey "Prospects for inclusive employment in Russian companies and factors affecting diversity management in the context of global challenges" (2021) 

October 19 (online seminar) Sergey Borzov (Program Director of Taganka Children's Fund), Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, Elena Rozhdestvenskaya, Roman Abramov and Marina Alexandrova 
Potential and limitations of socio-technological intervention in the prevention of social orphanhood: perspectives of the main actors 

October 26 (defense of the candidate's dissertation) Isaac Olumayowa Oni 
Socio-economic integration of African migrants in Russia 

October 28 (online seminar) Aleksandr Bugrovskii 
Aleksandr Bugrovskii presented the results of a dissertation research conducted from 2018 to 2022. The research formed the basis of the grant of the Russian Foundation for the Postgraduate Research "Factors of institutional inertia preservation in social Policy of Russia: on the example of public associations of people with disabilities" 

November 25 (seminar) Victoria Antonova, Marina Alexandrova and Tatiana Ryabichenko 
Expert seminar "Problems of socio-economic inclusion of women representatives of vulnerable groups" 

November 28 (online seminar) Igor Mikheev 
Conceptual analysis of theoretical and methodological approaches to urban diversity research in Russia 

December 1 (lecture) Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova 
Lecture-dialogue "How to measure inclusion? Questions with and without answers" 

December (roundtable) Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, Konstantin Obukhov, Irina Shuvalova 
Roundtable "Identity and folk culture: dependence/confrontation/indifference"  

December 7 (online seminar) Victoria Antonova, Daria Prisyazhniuk, Maria Ivanova, Anna Sinelnikova 
Employment of people with mental disabilities in Russia: legislative base, barriers and opportunities, subjective meanings of participation  

December 15 (online seminar) Olga Savinskaya 
What does cross-sectional gender analysis provide for understanding the culture of inclusivity in Russian education? 

December 16 (online seminar) Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, Victoria Antonova, Nikita Bolshakov, Daria Prisyazhniuk 
Evidence-based social policy: concepts, opportunities and limitations 

December 19 (online seminar) Polina Guseva 
Is the Internet an inclusive public sphere? Determinants of Online Political Participation 


December 21 (workshop) Artur Holavin and Daniil Lebedev, Charlie Walker and Tom Disney Yana Chicherina
Inclusion of Children and Youth in Post-socialist Countries 

November 18  (online seminar) Maria Kozlova
Discourses of diversity in the processes of cultural reproduction: normative foundations, social practices and subjective meanings

November 5 (online seminar) Sergey Davydov
Digital Literacy as an element of Mediatization of Civil Society in Modern Russia

October 29 (grants and competitions) Individual development plan of M.Yu. Alexandrova, candidate for the Academic Personnel Reserve

October 20–21 (international conference) Moscow State University of Psychology and Education / ILSIR, HSE University / Ministry of Education of the Russian FederationUNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education

VI International conference “Inclusive Education and Society: Strategies, Practices, Resources"

September 30 (online seminar) Maria Pridatchenko
Institutionalization Models of Home Education Practices

September 25 (online seminar) Maria Kurnikova
The Integrative Model of Physical Activity of a Child with Disabilities as a Resource of Social Well-Being of His Family

July 6 (online seminar) Varvara Derezovskaya
Can Theater Involving People with Disabilities Contribute to Inclusive Society?

June 21 (online seminar) ILSIR, HSE University / Erika Gubrium, Oslo Metropolitan University
Labor Integration: Accounting for the 'Changing Situation'

June 16 (online seminar) Andrey Kozlov
Changing the Gene Pool of Northern Populations: 'Decline of Ethnic Groups' or Adaptation to the 'Post-traditional' World

May 25 (online seminar) Elena Rozhdestvenskaya
Involved Fatherhood and Caring Masculinity

May 24 (online seminar) Ekaterina Dolgova
The Social Construction of Disability: The Experience of Blind Visitors of Inclusive Museum Programs

April 21 (a panel session at the XXII April International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development)
Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, Linda Kuk, Elena Zdravomyslova, Rakhat Orozova, Anna Tarasenko, Tat'yana Ryabichenko
Modernizing Welfare in Russia and Other Post-Soviet States: Deinstitutionalization, Inclusion, and Agency

April 16 (online seminar) IL SIR, HSE / Hamilton Lugar School of International and Global Studies at the Indiana University at Bloomington, USA 
Critical Conversations in Russian Studies: Promoting Inclusion and Appreciating Diversity in Today's Russia: Global Trends and Local Realities

March 14 – June 2 (spring school) ILSIR / Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Diversity Research Laboratory

March 25 (online seminar) Svetlana Alekhina, Aleksey Shemanov, Ul'viya Mikailova, Elena Yarskaya-Smirnova, Ines Karklina
Assessment of the Inclusive Process in Education

March (online seminar) Ksenia Nifontova, Denis Redkin, Nikolay Belov, Alina Zhekamukhova and Sasha Kurlenkova
"Bitter Access": Studying Accessibility and Creating an Interactive Map of Gorky Park for Users of Mechanical and Electric Wheelchairs

February 25 (online seminar) Maria Kozlova, Tatiana Ryabichenko, Ekaterina Matveeva
Attitudes of Students of Pedagogical Universities Towards the Educational Inclusion: The Results of the Qualitative Stage of the Research

January 28 (online seminar) Isaac Olumayowa Oni
'You are not Needed Here': Sub-Saharan Africa Migrants Experiences in the Socio-Economic Environments in Russia

January 27 (online seminar) Olga Verbilovich, Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova 
(Dis)Abling the Public Sphere: Reshaping the Discourses on Disability in Contemporary Russia

January 13 March 3 (winter school) ILSIR / Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Diversity Research Laboratory 


December 21 (International Research Conference)
Interaction. Integration. Inclusion

December 11 (online seminar) Sergey Startsev
How Many Medicines We Now: Analysis of Alternatives Methods of Cancer Treatment. Reasons and Meanings

November 30 (online seminar) Christian Fröhlich, Victoria Antonova, Anna Sinelnikova
How Do Big Companies in Russia Relate to Workplace and Societal Inclusion of People with Disabilities?

November 20 (online seminar) Ivan Kislenko
Southern Theory

October 15 (online seminar) Bronius Aysmontas
Inclusive Distance Learning Of Students With Disabilities: Current Problems

September 29 (online seminar) Elena Tarasenko
Overcoming The Deficit Of Healthcare Personnel In Rural Areas: The Experience Of The Regions Of The Russian Federation

July 22 (roundtable)
New Perspectives on Russian Civil Society

June 25 (online seminar) Ekaterina Mouliarova
Inclusion Through Law Enforcement and Social Opportunity Limits

June 18 (online seminar) Andrey Kozlov
How Body Size Follows Social Changes in Arctic Generations: the Case of Western Siberia

May 29 (online seminar) Nikita Bolshakov
The Problems of Professional Education for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Students

May 11 (online seminar) Isaac Olumayowa Oni
Getting Accommodation and Discrmination in a Post-Soviet Society: A Case Study of Nigerian Migrants in Contemporary Moscow

April 16 (online seminar) Daria Salnikova
The Relationship between Objective and Subjective Economic Well-being in Russia

March 24 (online seminar) Volha Verbilovich
Disability Category in the Public Sphere 

9.02.2022 (воркшоп) Светлана Бородина, Никита Большаков и Чарли Уокер
Инклюзия детей и молодежи в постсоциалистических странах (2)

17.02.2022 (воркшоп) Эгле Сумскене и Виолета Геворгианене, Иван Иванов и Роман Звягинцев
Инклюзия детей и молодежи в постсоциалистических странах (3)

22.02.2022 (онлайн семинар) Центр исследований благосостояния и труда, Норвежский институт городских и региональных исследований / Аадне Аасланд, Йорн Хольм-Хансен, Марте Ханде Мире 
Аккомодация регионального и этнокультурного разнообразия 

1.03.2022 (онлайн семинар) Мария Курникова
Социальное самочувствие семьи с ребенком-инвалидом в пространстве физической культуры и спорта  

2.03.2022 (воркшоп) Александра Алексеева, Елена Кутепова и Наталья Богданович Ханссен, Мария Козлова и Татьяна Рябиченко
Инклюзия детей и молодежи в постсоциалистических странах (4)

18.03.2022 (воркшоп) Линда Кук, Мария Козлова, Альфия Ляпина и Игорь Михеев
Инклюзия детей и молодежи в постсоциалистических странах (5)

29.03.2022 (онлайн семинар) Андрей Козлов и Галина Вершубская 
Репродуктивное поведение женщин русского и коренного населения малого города и села 

5.04.2022 (секция в рамках XXIII Ясинской международной научной конференции) Линда Дж. Кук, Елена Ярская-Смирнова, Ольга Улыбина и Родри Мэнселл, Лаури Хеймо, Кристиан Фрёлих
Вопросы глобальной социальной политики 

5.04.2022 (секция в рамках XXIII Ясинской международной научной конференции) Виктория Антонова, Роман Абрамов, Анна Демьянова, Нина Колыбашкина, Дарья Вахрушева, Анна Сухова, Кристиан Фрёлих и Марина Александрова
Социальная интеграция в профессиональной и трудовой сфере

26.04.2022 (онлайн семинар) Сергей Давыдов
Социологический анализ оборота медицинских данных в России 

3.05.2022 (онлайн семинар) Майкл Цедисо и Дарья Присяжнюк
Научно-учебная группа возобновляет свою работу

23.05.2022 (онлайн семинар) Линда Дж. Кук, Елена Ярская-Смирнова и Владимир Козлов
Демографическая и семейная политика в трех посткоммунистических странах 

25.05.2022 (онлайн семинар) Они Исаака Олумайов
Социо-экономическая интеграция африканских мигрантов в России


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