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Final State Examination


Final State Examination Schedule + list of students (DOCX, 24 Kb) 

State Examination Comission (DOCX, 32 Kb) 

Regulations on Final State Certification (DOCX, 152 Kb) 

Appeal Commission 2023 (DOCX, 51 Kb) 

April 30  – Last day of changing master thesis topics or supervisor
Before May 20 – Providing the full text to the Supervisor 
May 25 – Uploading Master thesis text to LMS
May 28 – Sending Master’s Thesis to the reviewer
June 8-9– Master Thesis Defence

Provision of Coursework/Master's Thesis hard copy is not required. All documents must be uploaded to the LMS.

Master Thesis Topic

For approval of your coursework topic or master thesis topic:

1. Choose one from the list of suggested topics: 
List of suggested topics 1
List of suggested topics 2
2. Get in touch with the supervisor and discuss the topic (if you need assistance to reach the supervisor please contact the study office). 
3. Before November 15, 2022: 
  • Submit the application, ask the supervisor to sign it and bring it to the study office.

Master Thesis Topic Application

 4. If your master thesis topic was changed please let us know before April 30, 2023, and: 

  • Fill out the google-form
  • Submit a new form to study office 
Application for change coursework topic (DOC, 31 Кб) 
Application for change master thesis topic  (DOC, 31 Кб) 


Full set of documents included:
  • The text of master thesis on paper (steepled) with the signature of the supervisor on the title page (2 title pages RUS and ENG are necessary)
Master of Science Dissertation.docx
  • The text of master thesis on USB flash drive or CD.
  • Supervisor's Comment
master thesis - supervisor review.doc
Study office doesn’t accept an incomplete set of documents.


Study office sends thesis to external examiners (second readers) after receiving.

Second Reader's review (DOC, 26 Kb) 

Checking of Borrowing

Study office checks your thesis in Turnitin system. If you have more than 20% of borrowing you supervisor have to check the report write an explanatory note and apply it to Study office. A thesis defence shall be carried out in accordance with the approved schedule of state examinations at an SCB (State Certification Boards).

The Procedure of the Master's Thesis Defense (offline in 2023)

A defense starts with a student’s report on the thesis topic. Up to 20 minutes shall be spent for the report on Master’s thesis + 10 minutes for questions.

A student should describe the key contents of their thesis freely without reading from any written text. Computer presentations, graphic material (tables, graphs) or other visual material may be used in the presentation to illustrate the key points of the study. After the presentation is completed, members of the SCB usually ask students some questions, both directly regarding the thesis topic, and in regards to related subjects. The student can use their thesis to answer the questions. To defend the thesis, a student shall receive an opinion and a review from their supervisor. 
After the discussion, the student shall present a closing speech. In their closing speech, the student shall answer the reviewer’s comments. After the closing speech, the thesis defence procedure is considered completed.
The SCB shall then make a decision on the student’s final grade, based on the grades given by:
- the supervisor, for the quality of the thesis and its adherence to related requirements;
- a second reader, for the thesis in general, taking into account its innovativeness, real-life applicability, and the reasonability of the conclusions and recommendations made by the author as a result of their research;
- members of the local SCB, for the contents of the thesis and its defence, including presentation, answers to questions, and the second reader’s comments.

The procedure for thesis preparation and defence is regulated by the ‘Regulations for Term Papers and Theses Prepared by Students at the Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s level at HSE’