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Programme Structure and Extra Educational Options

Bridging Courses
Compulsory Courses
Elective courses
Extra educational options

Bridging courses

Data Science master’s programme curriculum contains two bridging courses:

  • Discrete Mathematics for Application and Algorithm Development
  • Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (testing for the course - 06.09.2019, more information).



Compulsory Courses of the Programme

 The list of courses and syllabus' you can find here.

1st year

  • Modern Methods of Data Analysis
  • Modern Methods of Decision Making
  • Ordered Sets in Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Network Science

2nd year

  • Machine Learning and Data Mining

Other compulsory elements 

  • Scientific and Research Seminar
  • Project Seminar
  • Coursework
  • Internship
  • Graduation Thesis

Elective courses


Data Science Master’s Programme offers a minimum amount of English-taught elective courses. Total credits for elective components should not be less than 26 credits for two years.

I semester:

  • Automated Methods for Program Verification – 4 credits
  • Medical Informatics – 4 credits


II semester:

  • Data Analysis in Medicine – 4 credits
  • Real-world Logistics and Bio-inspired Evolutionary Algorithms – 4 credits


III semester:

  • Deep Learning – 8 credits
  • Data and Service Engineering for Automating Business Processes – 8 credits


All DS students are enrolled to these courses by default. If you wish to change any of these courses we suggest you choose from other FCS programmes:

Statistical Learning Theory 

System and Software Engineering 

Data Analysis in Biology and Medicine 

If you wish to change your default course please email your study manager. Some courses might not be available.

Also please notice:

  • the timetable of the course should not overlap with your compulsory course
  • credits for a chosen course must correspond with the default one



MAGOLEGO is a name for the general set of elective subjects that must be chosen by first-year Master’s students in all educational programmes.

  • is studied during the first year of study;
  • is carried out during the second half of the academic year (modules 3 and 4);
  • ‘weighs’ 3 credits;
  • is part of the educational programme’s core (credits for the subject are part of the 60 credits of the core programme);
  • is chosen by each educational programme’s students independently from the general set, which includes at least 40 subjects.

The application period will be announced later.

More information 

Course catalogue 


Extra educational options

Massive online open courses 
Open optional courses 
Russian Language Courses