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Master of Data Science
Master’s Programme

Master of Data Science

2 years
Full-time programme
Online programme
400 000 RUB/year
Tuition Fee in 2024
Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers not applicable
Instruction in English

The program is designed to train specialists in two areas:

Data Scientist
a specialist skilled in modern approaches and methods, capable of solving both traditional but business-critical tasks (demand forecasting, churn prediction, text data analysis, segmentation, etc.) and more modern formulations (building question-and-answer systems, analyzing images, generating realistic examples, etc.).
Machine Learning Engineer
A specialist at the intersection of data science and development who understands and professionally uses modern technologies for collecting, storing and analyzing large data sets, is able to write efficient code and design complex systems related to machine learning-based services

For whom the program is suitable

A college graduate

entering immediately after completing a bachelor's degree (continuing education)


enrolling for fundamental knowledge in Data Science

A specialist from another field

coming in for a successful start in a Data Scientist career

The program is designed for those who want to understand data science, gain practical experience in solving a large number of real-world problems and are interested in starting a career in this area.



Margarita Burova
academic director of the "Master of Data Science" online program answers applicants' frequently asked questions about the master's program

Key benefits

Fully online
the ability to study from anywhere
in the world anywhere in the world
at your convenience schedule
Training from scratch
the program can be successfully completed
by people without a strong background
in math and programming
Asynchronous format
most of the lectures are pre-recorded,
so you can watch them at your own pace
at your own time
deferment from the call-up of citizens for military
service is granted to students in accordance
with the Legislation of the Russian Federation
Consultations with teachers
faculty are available for chat
and videoconferencing, and regular
webinars are held
Classes in English
immersion in the industry,
learning the terms, the opportunity
to work abroad

Learning process

Learning ONLINE in a synchronous format at a FACE-TO-FACE educational program:


classes are conducted with the use of distance technologies, which allows you to save valuable time for traveling to the university


All rules of full-time educational programs are preserved, and all student privileges are available in the course of study


pre-recorded lectures (required viewing), which are available at any convenient time during the week. There are also regular seminars with one of the lecturers each week.

Program Content


2 - 3 required courses per semester
courses on machine learning, programming languages and data analysis
in the 2nd year of study
selection of one of two tracks, each track has its own courses
in the 1-st year of study:
Data Scraping Project, Algorithms and Data Structures
in the 2-nd year of study:
Machine Learning Project, Final Project - final qualification paper


Starting a career in data analytics and machine learning. Opportunity to apply for Junior Data Scientist or Junior Machine Learning Engineer positions

Start an academic career and do postgraduate research in Data Science in Russia or abroad

Entry requirements

Diploma of higher education

Bachelor's or specialist degree
in any field

Theoretical knowledge

• of basic mathematics within the school course
• English language skills at B1-B2 level

Practical skills

are not required, but are welcome.
Learn the program literally from the ground up

Enrollment in the program

Based on the results of internal entrance tests:

Testing in math
(in English)
Online test on our platform with proctoring, the duration is 90 minutes.
The test has 20 assignments of 5 points each
Motivational letter
Example questions:
student's education, motivation for entering the master's program, description of current employment, what areas of development in IT are of interest, what you want to learn on the program
Upon completion of training,
a state diploma with an English language
supplement is issued

Tuition fees and discounts in 2023

Per semester
176 250 ₽

Payment is made semester by semester

Per the year
352 500 ₽
Learn about
the opportunity to get
a discount on training
Opportunity to apply
for educational loan
with state support
Possibility to apply
for a social tax deduction
for education expenses
To make sure you don't miss anything, join in:
MDS Telegram channel for applicants     Youtube-канал FCS
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HSE news

Nikita Anisimov was appointed Rector of HSE University two years ago. In his interview with Ernest Mackevičius, Director of the HSE University Institute of Media, journalist, and television presenter, the HSE rector talks about how he came to the university, its achievements and development plans, and how to tell the difference between AI-produced and human texts.
August 31, 2023
The English-taught Master's programme ‘Master of Data Science’ run by theHSE Faculty of Computer Science and its industrial partner, Yandex, brings together students from more than 30 countries. The programme is implemented completely online. Among the graduates of the second intake of the programme are Calvin Tee from Singapore and Lyubov Sharaborina from Moscow, Russia.
August 08, 2022
Admissions are open till August, 19 (18:00 Moscow time)
July 26, 2022
Admissions are open from January, 14 till February, 28
January 19, 2022
The Master of Data Science (MDS) programme launched by HSE University in 2020 is the first and only online master’s programme on Coursera in Russia. The latest admissions campaign for the programme has now begun. Second-year students Vasilina Denyakina and Valery Sedin spoke to the HSE News Service about how the latest theoretical and practical knowledge with a focus on solving real industry problems helps train sought-after professionals. They also talked about the wide variety of data science research topics.
December 28, 2021
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