Most of labs at the HSE are Research and Teaching Laboratories. They are specially designed not only to conduct basic research, but to involve students – both undergraduate and postgraduate – in their activities. Most laboratories conduct their work through regular research seminars in which anyone interested can participate. Upcoming research seminars can be found in the announcement section of the HSE website. The list of all laboratories is below.

Since 2011, the HSE has been running International Laboratories under the supervision of leading international researchers. They bring together economists, mathematicians, social scientists and other academics from around the world. Detailed information and recent news from international laboratories can be found here.

The HSE also has Project-based Learning Laboratories (Project Laboratories). These labs have a practical orientation and are aimed at attracting students to applied research and project work. The main purpose is to provide graduates not only with a serious fundamental education, but with a set of skills, connections and experience. Working with specific clients on projects in business, consulting, analytics, and in creative fields is an integral part of most students’ education. One example of such a lab is the Laboratory of Financial Markets Analysis (Centre for Financial Research & Data Analytics).

Finally, there is also a temporary organizational form of research activity involving students at the HSE called Research and Study Groups and Study and Project Groups. These groups are created to conduct a specific research project, and the most successful ones may become Laboratories. Examples of such groups include: Contemporary Metaphysics, Forensic Linguistics & Cross-Language Legal Discourse, Social Studies of Economic Knowledge, Representation Theory, The Study of Visual Culture, and Business Psychology.

Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology

Objectives: The key objective of the Laboratory is the stimulation of economic and sociological research; a more active implementation of their results in the educational process; helping the integration of the professional community of economists-sociologists as well as reinforcing it among young researchers and teachers; involving the highest achieving students in research and teaching.

Head: Vadim Radayev

Deputy Head: Svetlana Barsukova

Contact information: Vadim Radaev,


Laboratory for Internet Studies (St. Petersburg)

Objectives: The mission of the Laboratory is to study the Internet as a unique social, economic, linguistic and technical phenomenon. The laboratory develops and adapts mathematical methods, algorithms and software.

Head: Olessia Koltsova

Contact information:


Laboratory for Labour Market Studies 

Objectives: Supporting the interaction of the educational and research processes, development of the modern Russian school of labour economics on the basis of international experience of research into the economics of labour, staff and population, with the use of methods and tools of modern economic analysis.

Head:  Sergey Roshchin

Deputy Head:  Larisa Smirnykh

Contact information:  Larisa Smirnykh,


Laboratory of Sociology in Education and Science (St. Petersburg)

Objectives: Integration of educational and research work, support of fundamental and applied research, implementation of these results into the educational process, involving the highest achieving students in research projects and teaching, development of new forms of educational and research work.

Head: Daniil Aleksandrov

Deputy Head: Svetlana Savelieva

Contact information:, phone (812) 400-13-47


Corporate Finance Center

Objectives: The creation of a modern scientific school of corporate financial and economic analysis in Russia on the basis of international achievements of corporate finance theory and methods of modern empirical research of corporate finance solutions; involving the highest achieving students in research and creation of professional information.

Head: Irina Ivashkovskaya

Deputy Head:  Elvina Bayburina

Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics 

Objectives: To initiate and support economic and interdisciplinary research in behavioural and experimental economics, implement their results into the educational process, to support the integration of the professional community of experimental economists and its reinforcement with young researchers and teachers, involving the highest achieving students in research work.

Head:  Alexey Belyanin

Contact information: Alexey Belyanin,


Laboratory for Research in Inflation and Growth

Objectives: The aim of the Laboratory's activity is to focus young researchers' (teachers and students) efforts on research of the most topical scientific problems of monetary theory and the theory of economic growth. Such activity is closely connected with the educational process and develops students' skills in active research work, while at the same time helping to introduce the obtained results into educational courses and lists of problems discussed at seminars.

Head: Vladimir Bessonov

Academic Supervisor:  Revold Entov

Contact information: Vladimir Bessonov,


Laboratory for Political Studies 

bjectives: Stimulating the joint research work of teachers and students of the Faculty of Applied Political Science; supporting the building of the Faculty's scientific school through increasing the role of research in the Faculty's activities, activating scientific discussions, elaborating general research approaches and quality standards etc.; supporting the creation of a quality staff reserve at the faculty in from the highest achieving students.

Head:  Valeriya Kasamara

Contact information: Valeriya Kasamara,


Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Empirical Studies (Perm)

Head: Dmitry Potapov

Contact information:;

Laboratory for Philosophical Studies

The Laboratory for Philosophical Studies is part of HSE Centre for Fundamental Studies. Currently the laboratory staff members work on the project: Metaphilosophy: the disciplinary boundaries of philosophical rationality.

Head: Elena Dragalina-Chernaya

Contact information:

Laboratory of Cross-Cultural History of Literature

The Laboratory of Cross-Cultural History of Literature is part of HSE Centre for Fundamental Studies.

Head: Yana Linkova

Contact information:

Laboratory for the Development of Universities

Objectives: The Laboratory aims to develop research and applied projects in the field of higher education. It was established in 2010 with a core goal to attract active students and young researchers into promising projects to contribute into development of higher education in Russia.

Head: Dmitry Semyonov

Contact information:

Laboratory of Financial Markets Analysis (Centre for Financial Research & Data Analytics)

Objectives: The Lab’s subject of research is issues of conducting analysis of performance and government regulation of financial markets and their constituents (including regulators, financial intermediaries, securities issuers and individual securities that constitute the market).

Head: Tamara Teplova

Contact information:  +7 495 772 95 90 ext. 2038

Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design

Objectives: The Laboratory’s activities aim to foster innovation in urban planning and development that take into account the new economic trends and city practices related to the advanced use of information technology and promote positive change in Moscow and other Russian cities.

Head: Dmitry Narinsky

Contact information: Phone: +7 (495) 725-30-06; email:


Laboratory of Linguo-Semiotic Studies

Objectives: The Laboratory develops linguistic methods of research in various aspects of culture and interaction between cultural traditions. It aims to bring together specialists working in various human sciences; its core staff consists of linguists who are philologists with a broad background.

Head: Boris Uspensky

Contact information:

Center for Fundamental Sociology

Objectives: Stimulating fundamental theoretic sociological research, accumulating and integrating efforts of individual researchers, actively introducing scientific results into the educational process, involving students in research work.

Head:  Alexander Filippov

Deputy Head:  Marina Pugachyova

Contact information: Marina Pugachyova,


Financial Engineering & Risk Management Lab

Objectives: Research in contemporary financial engineering, risk management and actuary methods in financial institutions including banks, investment and insurance companies, as well as in real sector companies; stimulating the teachers to actively involve research results (primarily, their own) into the educational process; integration of students into the research process, instilling in them the skills of the creative scientific research and evaluation of the results.

Head:  Sergey Smirnov

Contact information:

Laboratory of Process-Aware Information Systems (PAIS Lab)

Objectives: The lab staff members conduct research on process-aware information systems and process mining. Good examples of PAISs are BPM systems, Workflow Management systems, ERP systems, and case handling systems. Our main goal is to develop new methods and approaches in modelling, analysis, and design of such systems.

Head: Irina Lomazova

Contact information:


Laboratory for Analysis and Modeling of Institutional Dynamics

Objective: to study economic institutions and institutional changes in the social sphere, primarily in the system of education; to model and carry out scenario analysis of modernization in the system of administration and economic mechanisms in education; to implement analytical support of decisions made by executive bodies in educational and social policy as well as in public administration.

Head: Svetlana Popova



Laboratory for Corporate Innovative Systems Research (St. Petersburg)

Objective: to create a competitive research and educational center which carries out fundamental and applied research in corporate innovative systems and develops recommendations on innovative and industrial policy for lawmaking and executive bodies.

Head: Elena Rogova

Contact information:, (Elena Nuzbaum, manager)


Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Studies in Non-Commercial Sector

Objective: to promote studies in the non-commercial sector, to actively implement them in the educational process, to promote integration among the professional community of civil society researchers and its reinforcement with young researchers and lecturers, as well as to involve the highest achieving students in research and teaching.

Head: Irina Mersiyanova


Laboratory for Macro-Structural Modeling of the Russian Economy

Objective: to carry out fundamental and applied research in macro-structural economic modeling, including joint projects with the research centers of international universities; to prepare recommendations on the improvement of the state policy, participation in preparation of information and analytical papers and expert work on the basis of academic research; to develop new disciplines for undergraduate and master’s courses and to train postgraduate and doctoral students affiliated with the laboratory.

Head: Grigoriy Kantorovich

Contact information: Julia Smirnova,, (495)771-32-27*1128


Laboratory for Research in Business Communications 

Objectives: The key task of the Laboratory is to unite students and teachers from difference HSE faculties who are studying the opportunities for integrated communications to positively influence the business climate in the country as well as restoring trust between the business community and the state, the state and society, society and business etc. The task of the Laboratory is providing a place for research to build a professional community in the area of communications at the HSE .

Head: Valentina Kirillina

Contact information:


Laboratory of Entrepreneurship Research

Objective: to stimulate interdisciplinary studies of entrepreneurship as a complex socio-economic phenomenon, to actively implement their results into the educational process, to promote integration of the professional community and its reinforcement by young researchers and teachers, to involve the highest acheiving students in research and teaching.

Academic Supervisor: Alexander Chepurenko

Head of the laboratory: Vladimir Elakhovsky

Contact information: Tatyana Chernyshkova,, (495)772-9590*2002


Laboratory of Information Law

Objectives: to promote fundamental research in law development in the information society; to promote development of the Russian national school of information law, telecommunication law and computer law in the context of information technology development; to stimulate applied studies in information law; to actively introduce the results of research in the educational process. The work of the laboratory aims to attract outstanding students to academic research and teaching.

Head: Irina Bogdanovskaya

Contact information:


Laboratory of Macroeconomic Analysis 

Objectives: Purposeful input in the creation of the academic environment in the HSE; creation of the conditions for individual and group research activities in macroeconomics at the HSE; systematic involvement of the students in research into macroeconomics.

Leading Research Fellow:  Sergey Pekarski

Deputy Head: Sergey Merzlyakov

Contact information:  Sergey Pekarski, 


Laboratory of Network Organizational Forms

The strategic goal of the laboratory’s work is to create an effective mechanism of development and distribution in the professional sphere of cutting-edge theoretical approaches and practical technologies of network structures management.

Head: Olga Tretyak

Contact information:


Laboratory of Social and Demographic Policies

Objectives: The main theme of research at the Laboratory is the development of suggestions for the improvement of management in the key areas of social and demographic policies (family, migration, health care etc.) in Russia and its regions.

Head: Anatoly Vishnevsky

Contact information:


Laboratory of Theoretical Research in Law and State 

Objectives: Integration of researchers representing the Russian "libertarian law" scientific school; creation of modern legal dogma, including the legal theory of the state; supporting the teaching of theoretical jurisprudence at the Faculty of Law and other HSE faculties.

Head: Vladimir Chetvernin

Contact information: Vladimir Chetvernin, 


Laboratory of Theory and Practice of Decision-Making Support Systems (Nizhny Novgorod) 

Objectives: Creation of an effective mechanism of development and distribution in education and the professional environment of cutting-edge theoretical methods and practical technologies of decision-making support with the use of ICT and through the development of project-oriented educational programmes, attracting HSE NN branch teachers to research and investigate effective solutions for important practical problem situations, launch of new, and support of existing, fundamental and applied research projects in the area of decision-making support systems.

HeadEduard Babkin

Contact information:,


Centre for Medieval Studies

Head: Mikhail Boytsov

Contact information: Mikhail Boytsov,; Maria Alexandrova,


Laboratory for Cognitive Research


  • To carry out basic, applied, and multidisciplinary research on the human mind (perception, attention, memory, and thought), as well as on cognitive tasks and how the results of these processes are embodied in actual behaviour
  • To involve HSE instructors and undergraduate and graduate students in the Laboratory’s research, and to use the results of the Lab’s research in HSE’s academic process
  • To prepare new academic programmes and teaching materials as part of HSE’s school of psychology and other related disciplines

Head: Igor Utochkin

Contact information: Igor Utochkin,

Laboratory for Monitoring the Risks of Socio-Political Destabilization

HeadAndrey Korotayev

Contact information: Andrey Korotaev (, Leonid Isaev (

Laboratory of Ability Psychology

HeadSergey Kurginyan

Contact information: Sergey Kurginyan (

Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis

Objectives: The laboratory aims to create of a world-class research centre capable of supplying the academic staff needed to solve fundamental theoretical and practical tasks in computer science, in particular those related to big data processing techniques.

HeadAndrey Ustyuzhanin

Contact informationArtem Glazistov (

Laboratory of Linguistic Conflict Resolution Studies and Contemporary Communicative Practices

HeadMaxim Krongauz

Contact information: Alexander Piperski (