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PISA Results Linked to More than Education System

HSE’s Institute of Education hosted a visit by University of Arizona Professor Emeritus David Berliner. In an interview with the Institute, Professor Berliner discussed problems of schooling in the U.S. and Russia, possible ways of evaluating the work of instructors, and also how the results of international educational research should be factored into decision-making.

A Professional Project Team Knows How to Pose Questions

Oleg Podolskiy is Research Fellow of the Institute of Education and Project Manager of the PIAAC in Russian Federation – this is an international survey implemented by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This project plays a significant role in modern science; it studies the competence of the adult population in mathematical, reading, and ICT literacy, i.e. their ability to solve complex tasks with the help of modern technologies, computer, and the Internet.