Accommodation in flats of new residential complexes rented by the HSE

Level Amurskaya residential complex, 1 A Amurskaya Ulitsa, building 3

660 places


 A bed / room in an apartment 
 Personal workplace
 Renovated apartments and new furniture

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  • Walk 22 minutes from "Cherkizovskaya" metro station to "Level Amurskaya" complex.
  • It will take about 23 minutes to walk from "Level Amurskaya" from "Lokomotiv" metro station.
  • From metro station "Cherkizovskaya" and MCC "Lokomotiv" 3 minutes to public transport stops (№83, 171, 34, 34K, 449, 52, 716, 974, 41), then 3 minutes to "PO Sokol" stop, then a 10-minute walk to "Level Amurskaya" complex.


The rental section (21 residential floors) of the HSE is located within a large residential complex "Level Amurskaya", built in 2020. Transport accessibility: it takes 45-50 minutes to get to the main academic buildings of the university. The complex will have an amphitheater with a square and areas for quiet recreation, a landscaped courtyard park and a sports field. The Level Amurskaya housing estate already has its own infrastructure, including grocery and construction corps, a café and a pharmacy. The area of the complex is under 24-hour video surveillance. The flats have direct intercom to the reception.
Registration of international students at the place of residence is provided. In cooperation with DOM.RF the university acts as a lodger, while students sign contracts directly with HSE.


The flats of the Level Amurskaya residential complex each have a modern finish and are fitted with new furniture. Each option has everything you need: electric cooker, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator and washing machine. There is also a wardrobe in the room. Two-bedroom and one-bedroom flats have two bathrooms. Internet access is available (billed separately). Each flat includes air conditioning.


In the residential complex "Level Amurskaya" will be offered several standard layouts. Studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom or three-bedroom flats are available, with varying numbers of residents depending on the option chosen:

 Residential Complex "Level Amurskaya" 6-23 floors
 Residential Complex "Level Amurskaya" 24-27 floors





Accommodation type Fee (RUB per month) Number of students in the apartment Number of students in the room
Small studio (19 m2) 32 000 1 1
Small studio (19 m2) 18 000 2 2
Big studio (25 m2) 22 000 2 2
One-room apartment (40 m2) 16 500 3 3
Premium two-room apartment (67 m2) 14 500 6 3
Two-room apartment, small room (13,2 m2) 17 000 5 2
Two-room apartment, big room (19,7 m2) 14 500 5 3
Three-room apartment (77 m2) (photo in processing) 16 500 6 3

* Note: utilities and internet charges are extra.
* For internet connection, please contact MTS at 8 (800) 250-4-250. All network infrastructure inside the building is already implemented.


The security of students living in the "Level Amurskaya" residential complex is provided by the staff of a private security company. The employees of the security company will be monitoring the access regime and ensuring the security of the adjoining territory. The security and access regime will be controlled by the access control system. A 24-hour security post will be arranged at the entrance to the building. Video cameras are installed at the entrance to the rented section of the HSE, on all floors and along the perimeter of the building. The building is open for entry and exit for 24 hours a day.



When checking into alternative accommodation options, you must have the following documents with you:

· Passport + a copy of the passport with registration on one sheet.

For international students:

· Medical certificate in the form of form 086u or a certificate of the absence of contraindications for living in dormitories;

· A copy of the vaccination certificate;

· Fluorography.

· VMI ( );

· Results of tests for HIV + Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis


Accommodation rules in LCD Level "Amurskaya"

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