Seminar on "Science and Technology Foresight: Methods and Practice"

On April 4, 2012 the Research Laboratory of Science and Technology Studies, HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK), organized the workshop "Science and Technology Foresight: Methods and Practice". Issues of the future development of science and technology, prospects of emerging and general purpose technologies, and evaluation of effectiveness of Foresight studies were considered at the workshop.

Researchers of ILSCR on XIII April International Academic Conference

XIII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development of National Research University Higher School of Economics took place on 3-5 April in Moscow. Researchers of the International Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research took an active part in the section "Culture and Society”.

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Archaicism or Modernization?

On March, 29th, 2012, Veronika Kostenko gave a talk on “Impact of Age and Education on Gender Attitudes in the Arab World”.

Социологическое чаепитие

31 марта С.-Петербурге прошла презентация магистерской программы "Современный социальный анализ", тесно связанной с

The State of Migrant Children in Saint-Petersburg

The report was published on a project carried out by the Education and Science Sociology Laboratory on demand of UNICEF and Red Cross. Among the authors of the report were scholars of LCSR.

Center Research Seminar. Speaker: V. Ivanova

30 March, HSE Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics conducts regular research seminar on the topic: "Spatial interaction Russian regions as a factor in their economic growth: an empirical analysis"

An integrated theory of creativity and innovation

On March 29th at the Department of Psychology was held a regular scientific seminar of ILSCR.  Peter Schmidt, the head of the lab, professor of University of Giessen and Higher School of Economics made a report on “An integrated theory of creativity and innovation”.

Nationalism in Russian Ethnic Republics

Andrey Shcherbak gave a talk on the regular seminar of LCSR.

At a meeting of the Presidium of Academy of Natural Sciences,David Dunham was admitted to the foreign members of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Upon recommendation of the Head of Department of Natural Sciences, Academician E.N.Chumachenko, in accordance with the decision of the Presidium of the Academy of Natural Sciences on 28.02.2012 year, at a regular meeting of the Presidium (№232, 27.03.2012) President of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician Oleg Leonidovich Kuznetsov, were presented with documents Membership in the Academy of Natural Sciences in the department of "Analysis of innovative technologies, systems and processes" leading scientist MIEM David Dunham.