HSE Academic Opportunities for International Faculty

HSE is the largest eastern European research, education, and analytic institution in the field of social and economic sciences. Its trademark is the multidisciplinary nature and internationalization of research, as well as the connection between basic and applied research.

The International Faculty is eligible for participation in: Teacher-Student Team Research Project Competition provided by the HSE Academic Fund Programme.

It is a new competition based on a previously existing Teacher-Students competition, corresponding to the practice of work, performance assessment and monitoring research teams within research study groups and laboratories, fully corresponding to the principles of institutional support of scientific and academic activities at HSE.

The contest is aimed at:

- attracting and involving more HSE undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, lecturers and research fellows into research process;

- promoting undergraduate and graduate students for independent research work, publication of its results and their presentation at major scientific conferences;

- ensuring integration of research results into educational process,

- developing research and project work at departments and scientific units.

A Research Study Group (Teacher-student team) is a team of researchers that can be made of:

1)      not more than 3

– Full-time instructors and researchers at HSE and its branches who have a Doctor of Science degree, Candidate’s degree or a PhD;

– Full-time employees of HSE and its branches who have Doctor of Science degree, Candidate’s degree or a PhD and at the same time are employed part-time as either an instructor or a researcher for 0.5 of full-time pay;

– Young full-time instructors and researchers at HSE and its branches;

– Other people who are instrumental to the project and whose participation in the project has been approved by the Academic Fund Council or the Council Board of the Academic Fund;

2)      at least 5

– Full-time and part-time postgraduate students at HSE and its branches;

– Undergraduate and graduate students at HSE and its branches

3)      a group manager who can be an instructor or/and researcher at HSE and its campuses who has a Doctor of Science degree, Candidate’s degree or a PhD, has published in the leading academic journals within their field of research, has experience of academic supervision of undergraduate / graduate / postgraduate students and has conducted seminars, courses or master classes at HSE.

A Research Project is a set of research scientific and research works within a chosen scientific field aimed at subsequent implementation of the project results in HSE and its campuses educational process. It can be carried out in the following fields: 

·         Mathematics

·         Computer and information sciences

·         Physical sciences

·         Chemical sciences

·         Earth and related Environmental sciences

·         Biological sciences

·         Engineering and technology

·         Medical and Health sciences

·         Psychology

·         Economics and Business

·         Educational sciences

·         Sociology

·         Law

·         Political science

·         Social and economic geography

·         Media and communications

·         History and Archaeology

·         Languages and Literature

·         Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

·         Arts (arts, history of arts, performing arts, music)

The project duration is one year with the possibility of a one-year extension. The competition is held annually in the fall. Deadlines for applications are announced every year. The Fund receives and registers project applications and coordinates their review by experts. Decisions on the availability and amounts of funds to support a particular project are made by the Foundation Board.

Requirements to Websites of Research and Study Groups

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