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  • economic mechanism design (F. Aleskerov, А. Belenky, E. Maskin);
  • development of mathematical models of organization of public-private partnerships and  the study of their mathematical properties (А. Belenky);
  • development of mathematical models of optimal organization of student learning (А. Belenky);
  • study of manipulability of social choice rules (F. Aleskerov, D. Karabekyan, U. Veselova, А. Karpov);
  • analysis of proportional representation systems based on single transferable vote (F. Aleskerov, А. Karpov);
  • analysis of operating efficiency of commercial banks (F. Aleskerov, V. Belousova, H. Penikas);
  • criteria importance theory and the theory of additive utility functions (V. Podinovskiy);
  • intelligent data analysis (B. Mirkin, Е. Chernyak);
  • automatic interpretation and classification of text documents (B. Mirkin, Е. Chernyak);
  • modeling of stock exchange processes (F. Aleskerov, L. Egorova);
  • study of informativeness measures defined on the set of attributes of non-deterministic system (А. Lepskiy);
  • study of stability of optimal representation of objects images (А. Lepskiy);
  • application of game-theory and social choice theory methods to modeling of coalitional preferences (F. Aleskerov, R. Kamalova);
  • study of group manipulation and power indices (F. Aleskerov, А. Ivanov, D. Karabekyan);
  • study of ranking alternatives in a majority graph (F. Aleskerov, А. Subochev);
  • study of mathematical model describing behavior of a university entrant while choosing a university (F. Aleskerov, S. Kiselgof);
  • study of models of fair division with an arbitrary number of participants, divisible and indivisible items (А. Rubchinskiy, D. Shvarts);
  • development of rules of a choice for a large number of alternatives (F. Aleskerov, S. Shvydun).
  • social network analysis (F. Aleskerov, N. Meshcheryakova, A. Rezyapova, S. Shvydun, V. Yakuba)
  • analysis of current situation in the Arctic region (F. Aleskerov, S. Demin, N. Korgin, S. Shvydun)


 Slides (PDF, 2.30 Mb)


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