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Freshman Memo

Dear freshmen!

Please read this memo carefully! It deals with the issues you need to know so nothing distracts you from studying.

Please make sure that from the end of August, in addition to the instructions below, you receive a newsletter from us to your personal email address you have provided by submitting documents to the HSE admissions office. In case the alerts and updates do not reach you, please, inform our program manager Marina Kazakova about this via mkazakova@hse.ru.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

1. Get Your Dormitory Permit

Who? Nonresident (citizens of the Russian Federation) and foreign students

When? August 27-31, 2020

In 2020 the issuance of a permit will be carried out automatically through the applicant's Personal Account.

After the enrollment order is issued, you should print out the direction for settling from the applicant's Personal Account (in the application for admission you indicated the need to provide a room in dormitory).

The check-in schedule for undergraduate students is available at the link:


Which documents?

For checking into a dormitory you must have the following documents:

• passport (identity document);

• a copy of the passport with registration on one sheet;

• medical certificate on the absence of contraindications for living in a dormitory (Form 086/y);

• certificate of vaccinations;

• health insurance policy.

Important! If you do not arrive at the dormitory within the specified time frame, your referral will be canceled.


2. Get Your Student ID

To receive a student card you must bring 2 color photos (3cm x 4cm) to the HSE building at the address: st. M. Ordynka, 17 (M. Tretyakovskaya, M. Novokuznetskaya, M. Polyanka) on weekdays.

Important! Please sign the photo.

What are the terms? Photos must be brought till August 28 17:00.

When to get it? The student card can be obtained after notification of its readiness.

3. ID number in Kyung Hee University

DEADLINE: the end of September

In order to get your ID number you need to sign the contract with Kyung Hee University. You will receive your number via your student email.

4. HSE & Kyung Hee University Library access + Korean Corner club

To enroll in the HSE Library you must fill out an online registration form on the Library's website https://library.hse.ru

What is necessary? Student card number and corporate e-mail address.

When? After August 30

In order to get access to the electronic resources of the Kyung Hee University Library, you need to receive your student ID number that will be used as the login.

When? the end of September

In order to obtain scientific and educational literature in the professorial and student club of our program, you need to go to the room 301 on Malaya Ordynka, 17. You can also work with a number of textbooks in the reading room of the Club.

5. Student Social Card and a bank VTB24 MIR Card

Where? Multifunctional center (MFC)

Your steps:

1. Check the availability of your data on the website of the Moscow Social Register: https://www.mos.ru/karta-moskvicha/services-proverka-grazhdanina-v-reestre-studentov/

2. Register on the www.mos.ru portal and apply for a Muscovite card through your personal account. The term for consideration of the application is 30 calendar days. The status of the application can be tracked in your personal account or by following the link: mos.ru/karta-moskvicha/services-proverka-sostojanija-izgotovlenija-karty-moskvicha/ 

6. Certificate (Spravka) from the Faculty

In case you need to prove the fact that you are a proud student of the Faculty of the World Economy and International Affairs, you can get a certificate within three working days we receive anonline application through the web site of the student office.

7. Student Pass

WHEN: September

Usually electronic pass is received on Shabolovskaya, 26, room 4110 of on Bolshoy Trekhsvyatitelsky Per., 3, room 114. You will be updated by the student office in time.

8. Student email

HSE students have access to corporate email @edu.hse.ru. Official communication will be held via this mailbox, however, that is possible to forward the incoming messages to your personal email.

You will get the login and password at the end of August. You need to activate the mailbox until September 5th.

9. Learning Management System

In the Learning Management System you will find your online gradebook, the list of disciplines for the curriculum 2020-21, Student Evaluation of Teaching ("Evaluate Your Teachers"), Student's Electronic Portfolio and more.

10. Sign and submit the confirmation of your familiarity with HSE regulations

Answers to all questions about the rules of education in HSE can be found in the Handbook of the educational process and in the section Local provisions and regulations.

WHEN: mid September

11. Individual Curriculum (ICP)

WHO: Transfer Students

WHERE: Student Office

WHEN: mid September

Contact the study office for the preparation of an individual study plan (IUP), print it in two copies, sign and bring it to the study office of the program.

12. Online Schedule

We recommend downloading the mobile application RUZ HSE on your phone. Schedule for the 2020/2021 academic year can be found here.

13. Military Service Registrastion

DEADLINE: September 20th

WHO: Male students (Citizens of Russian Federation)

All male citizens of Russian Federation are required to report to the Second Division for military service registration. The second division issues certificates giving HSE students a deferment from military service for a duration of their study. Eligible students must go to the Second Division with a passport, student ID and assigned certificate of a citizen to be enlisted for military service, which they received at the age of 17 at the military registration and enlistment office.

14. Group number

Find out the number of your lecture and seminar group and subgroups. At our program we hope for you to achieve the most effective result of the educational process, so students are divided into the following groups / subgroups:

  • lecture and seminar groups;
  • "Academic Writing" subgroups;
  • "English" subgroups;
  • "Asian language" subgroups.

According to the results of the distribution into groups, it is necessary to select the head of the group during the introductoty Adaptation Session course with the head of the student office Maria Senchilova and manager of the Centre for International Cooperation E.V. Bolshova.

15. HSE Day