Dormitory 8

2 Makovskogo Ulitsa, Odintsovo

 Made up of flats
 Adapted for people with disabilities
  Wired Internet
 Rooms for studying and leisure

Number of floors: 25

24 four-room flats
96 three-room flats
168 two-room flats


Andrey Feoktistov

Dormitory Head

Phone: +7(498) 601-69-52, 8 (917) 511-72-81
Phone: +7 (498) 601-69-51, 8 (915) 317-04-05
Sergey Vakulin

Deputy Head

Phone: +7 (498) 601-69-52; 8 (915) 036-19-79
Room 100
Larisa Afonina

Social Care Teacher
Phone: +7(495) 772-9590*17811
Room 20
Svetlana Krupnova

Social Care Teacher

Phone: +7 (495) 7729590*17810
Room 13
Irina Davydkina

Passport Manager

Phone: +7 (495) 7729590*17812
Room 93
Larisa Degtyar

Passport Manager

Phone: +7 (495) 7729590*17813
Room 93
Larisa Rybalchenko

Office Manager

Phone: +7 (495) 7729590*17803
Room 96

+7 (498) 601-69-53, +7 (915) 249-50-69

Student Council

Chair: Anstasia Kan, phone: +79104882900


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1) by train:
From the railway station ‘Begovaya’ to the station ‘Odintsovo’ (29 minutes). .

2) by bus:
№ 339 from the metro station ‘Park Podedy’ to the stop ‘Stantsia Odintsovo’.
№ 454 from the metro station ‘Kievskaya’ to the stop ‘Torgoviy Tsentr Soyuznyi’.

The dormitory is situated near the railway station ‘Odintsovo’.



25-floor building is built in the form of shamrock – with three sections of the building come together.


The rooms have beds, tables, chairs, wardrobes, bookshelves, bedside tables, folding desks and lamps.

Students are responsible for cleaning their rooms themselves.


There are separate bathrooms in each flat.

There is an additional WC with a sink in three- and four-room flats.


There is a kitchen in each flat.

Each kitchen has furniture, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, an electric cooker, a table and chairs.

There is an additional refrigerator in three and four-room flats.

Laundry rooms, ironing equipment, bedclothes

There is a washing machine, an ironing board and an iron in each flat.

Students are provided with: a pillow, a pillow cover, a mattress, a mattress cover, a woolen blanket, a bedspread, and a set of bedclothes: a sheet, a blanket cover, a pillowcase, and a towel.

Bedclothes are changed weekly.

Study rooms

There is a room for individual study on the first floor.

There are desks and chairs.


Free WiFi is available in common and study rooms.

There are Internet outlets in each room.

The speed of Internet connection is 100 megabytes per second.

City telephone service

There are four payphones located on the first-floor hall, calls to emergency services are free.

Sports and recreation

There are two gyms, a ping-pong room and a music room on the first floor.

Security and entry regulations

Private security supervises the dorm.

Guards monitor what happens inside the facilities, and video cameras have been installed near the dormitory’s entrance and along its perimeters.

The dormitory is open 24/7 for HSE students.

Parents and guests are allowed in the dorm daily between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.