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Dormitory 433/1 Studencheskaya Ulitsa


Address: 33/1 Studencheskaya Street. Phone number: +7 (499) 623-69-30
Click for detailed instructionsHow to reach the dorm - from Belorussky Railway Station

How to reach the dorm - from Kievsky Railway Station

How to reach the dorm - from Paveletsky Railway Station

Dormitory Director: Stanislav Dogadkin
Tel.: 8 (499) 623-69-30

Deputy Dormitory Director: Tatiana Karavaeva
Tel.: 8 (499) 623-69-89

Head of the Student Council: Ksenia Savina
Tel.: (985) 446-55-29

Presentation (in Russian)


There are 24 rooms on each floor. Each room is 14.5 square meters. Each room is equipped for 2 people: with a fridge, two beds, two desks, 2-3 chairs, a three-section wardrobe, 2-3 bedside tables, and two fluorescent lamps in each room. Students are responsible for cleaning their rooms themselves.


You will find four toilets, two washrooms, and two shower rooms (men’s and women’s) on each floor. The dormitory staff cleans the bathrooms every day.


The dormitory is equipped with two kitchens and one dining room on each floor. Each kitchen includes an electric cooker with four burners, one microwave oven, and a cooler with hot and cold water. The kitchens are open 24/7. Students are responsible for cleaning the kitchens, according to a schedule.

Laundry rooms, ironing equipment, bedclothes

There are two laundry rooms on the first floor (men’s and women’s), 4 washing machines in each. They can be used 24/7.

If you want an iron or ironing board, ask the administrators on the floor (‘dezhurnaya’ in Russian).

Students are provided with: a pillow, a pillow cover, a mattress, a mattress cover, a woolen blanket, a bedspread, and a set of bedclothes: a sheet, a blanket cover, a pillowcase, and a towel. Bedclothes are changed weekly.

Internet, rooms for study

Free internet is available. 2 internet sockets are available in each room. There are study rooms on each floor, where internet is also available.

There is no free Wi-Fi in the dorm, but you can use Wi-Fi for a fee if you buy a card from a Moscow provider.

Leisure and sports

There are two gyms on the first floor of the dorm, where you can train for free at any time. You can play ping-pong in the hall on the first floor. There are several sports grounds on campus and a football pitch close to the dorm.

Entertainments are organized in the dorm. There is a TV and comfortable armchairs in the hall on the first floor.

You can leave your bicycle on the first floor.

Security, access hours

Students living in the dorm get a special pass to show the guard at the entrance. The dorm is open for HSE students from 6 am to 1 am. Family can visit from 8 am to 11 pm, and guests can visit from 3 pm to 10 pm. Security supervises the dorm; the entrance and perimeter are equipped with video surveillance.