Dormitory Fees


HSE recommends making payment before the 5th of every month, in advance for the upcoming month. If you arrive in August, the first payment will also include paying for the remaining days of August. 

Where and how to pay: pick up a payment form at the dormitory reception, fill in your name and pay the amount due (or ask your buddy to help you do so) at a local bank.

You can also pay for the dormitory online.

The dormitory fee is determined by HSE administration and might be subject to change.

AddressUtitilities (per month, RUB)Rent (per month, RUB)Additional services (per month, RUB)Total (per month, RUB)
1Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya Ulitsa1372,00256,00-1628,00
2Elektrodnaya Ulitsa925,00112,00-1037,00
3Energeticheskaya Ulitsa1335,0096,00-1431,00
4Studencheskaya Ulitsa1006,00121,00-1127,00
5Kibalchicha Ulitsa1612,00116,00-1728,00
61 Komsomolskaya Ulitsa, Odintsovo654,0097,00-751,00
75/2 Saratovskiy Proezd - Building 11048,00263,00-1311, 00
77/3 Saratovskiy Proezd - Building 2946,00127,00-1073,00
82 Makovskogo Ulitsa, Odintsovo769,00114,00-883,00
95 Tsimlyanskaya Ulitsa935,00167,00-1102,00
10Mikhailova Ulitsa1127,00104,00-1231,00
Dubki1,3,9 Denisa Davydova Ulitsa, VNIISSOK, Odintsovo587,0094,00105,33786,33
Dorm for PhD students56/2 Lyublinskaya Ulitsa, Building 21570,00350-1920,00

Montly dormitory fee for HSE applicants and other people not enrolled at HSE (summer and winter school participants, interns, etc): 5,800.00 roubles/ month (for all dormitories).

Template Tenancy Agreement for Dormitory