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Programme content

The program consists of core courses, optional courses, term paper (first year), research seminar and master's thesis (second year).

Вridging courses in the first term allow you to fill knowledge gaps and  to take courses, regardless of your previous degree discipline.

Bridging courses (dependent on student):

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Data Analysis

Core couses (20 ECTS):

  • System Analysis&Organization Design
  • Economic and Mathematic Modeling
  • Enterprise Architecture Modelling
  • Advanced Data Analysis & Big Data for Business Intelligence 
  • Big Data Systems Development and Implementation 

Optional courses (39 ECTS)

Elective courses – 1st study year (21 ECTS)

  • Knowledge Discovery in Data at Scale Technologies 
  • Cloud computing 
  • Data Visualization 
  • Advanced Data Management 
  • Big Data Collection, Storage&Processing in Heterogeneous Distributed Computer Networks 
  • Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Modelling
  • Applied Machine Learning  
Elective courses - 2nd study year (18 ECTS)
  • Creating and Managing Enterprise Information Assets 
  • Predictive Modeling 
  • Big Data Based Marketing Analytics 
  • Big Data Based Risk Analytics 
  • Process mining and Big Data Driving Process Management 
  • Big Data Analytics for Industrial Internet
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning

Optional course from the University Set (3 ECTS)

Projects (3 ECTS)

Scientific and Research Internship (12 ECTS)

Term Paper (6 ECTS)

Scientific and Research Seminar (16 ECTS)

Master’s thesis (21 ECTS)