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Re-examination schedule

Academic Failure and Academic Progression

Academic failure refers to a final grade of 3 points or less for an interim/final assessment on the course (except for open optional courses), or absence from the examination without a valid reason.

Academic failure does not pertain to students who have a valid excuse for not taking the examination. Such students must take the missed examination during the nearest retake period.
Valid excuses include an illness confirmed by a medical certificate, as well as other exceptional circumstances supported by documentary evidence within three days from the date of absence. Whether to accept exceptional circumstances as a valid excuse for absence is up to the Programme Coordinator. Work-related reasons (e.g., business trip, office hours, etc.) are not valid excuses for the student’s absence from the examination.

Students who have failed assessments in up to two different courses may progress to the next year of study, but they must retake the failed examinations at the beginning of the next academic year in accordance with the established schedule.

Students of the final year of study who have failed assessments in up to two different courses, may start studying under an individual curriculum with repeated courses (hereafter, ICRC). Otherwise, they shall be dismissed from HSE.

Students who fail interim examinations (prior to retakes) for three or more courses during a single semester shall be subject to expulsion as per HSE University's initiative owing to their failure to meet the provisions of their educational programme in good faith.

Retaking Examinations

No more than two retakes of an examination in each particular course is permitted. The first retake is conducted by the same examiner and follows the same procedure as the initial examination. The second retake is conducted by a special Examination Board consisting of at least three examiners. Students who failed a term paper are allowed only one retake.

Retaking interim examinations to improve a passing grade (4 points or higher) is not allowed.

The retake period must be finished by the following dates:


Academic failure in

Retake deadline

Module 3-4

October 15

Module 1-2

February 15


Students will be notified of the retake schedule at least 3 days prior to the first retake through any means, including electronic ones. Students must choose the date for a retake from those available as per the schedule and register at the Programme Office to attend a retake.


A student who fails an exam may have two extra attempts to retake it, meaning an extra examination on a particular course can be scheduled no more than twice. If a student fails both re-examinations, he or she cannot be given a grade for the course. Such course cannot be included in the student’s transcript of records.

Students who have received academic debts in no more than two disciplines in the amount of 1 and 2 modules, will have retakes in the period from January 9 to February 15, 2023.
The retake schedule in Winter 2023:

CourseDisciplineDatesAdditional information
1PS "Cross-cultural management"31/01/2023 or 07/02/2023To sign up for a date, please follow this link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18Sms7RUwEBGB20twu1GdIiJN1OjH2-Uwe3y5dMMLQSQ/edit?usp=sharing
1International Economics10/01/2023 or 16/01/2023 
1/2Term paper / Thesis15/02/2023By this date, the student must enter the topic and supervisor in the LMS and obtain the approval of the academic director
2Business Valuation01/02/2023 at 6:30PM or 07/02/2023 at 6:30PM