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HSE Art and Design School Opens First University Concept Store

In December, HSE University launched its first concept store—the HSE ART AND DESIGN STORE (part of the HSE Art and Design School). The new space offers ample opportunities for the successful implementation of design projects and features young and promising brands from students, graduates, and teachers of the HSE University Art and Design School.

The opening event featured exclusive DJ sets from Yablochko Zelenoe (Green Apple), shetookmycandies and doghouse, as well as a special media project from the Art and Design School and CHAIN—an interactive stand where visitors could tag their first purchases with the help of street artists and take pictures with a PaperShoot camera.

The HSE ART AND DESIGN STORE now offers spectacular scarves with student illustrations produced by the HSE Design Lab, clothes from several fashion brands by HSE graduates (OPLETAY, JUNGLE JUNK), bags, candles and interior items created by students (Chronon, HTGR, GAB, U ALENUSHKI) who have already won several professional competitions. There are also items from the Tuman jewellery brand, original souvenirs by Dmitry Tsvetkov, famous posters by Andrey Logvin and, of course, illustrated New Year's calendars from the Art and Design School. School merchandise, including t-shirts, long-sleeves, and tote bags, can also be found in the concept store.

‘A lot of cool designers study at HSE University,’ says Evgeny Ruban, Deputy Head of the HSE Art and Design School. ‘They need space not only to exhibit their work as art, but also to sell it.’ The store is currently presenting its first collection, but there are big plans for the future. ‘We want all students who study at the Art and Design School to have an opportunity to reach their target audience and try to sell their work,’ says Evgeny Ruban.

© HSE University

Nastya Yakovenko, designer, second-year student of the ‘Subject and Industrial Design’ track, presented her new collection of bags. ‘In the store you can find two small handbags: size S and one larger handbag, size M,’ says Nastya. ‘The story of their creation is quite simple: I was looking for a bag on different marketplaces, but I couldn't find something interesting and cool to complement my style. Thanks to my studies at the Shukhov Lab, I managed to create such unique handbags.’

The HSE ART AND DESIGN STORE is much more than a typical showroom. Together with the nearby HSE ART GALLERY, the concept store forms a new urban space that unites communities of creative people through exclusive design projects, expert workshops, holiday markets and public screenings. Ivan Svirin, an employee of the HSE Design Lab, notes that the concept store is a completely new format of activity for creative universities in Russia. ‘We don’t see the store as another trading platform. We have a different approach and strive to give the world a new experience in the development of the university environment. Each item presented here is an independent startup that originated or developed in the Art and Design School. Our goal is to motivate the school community to create as many successful brands as possible, and the main task is to contribute to their rapid growth by investing in what we consider promising,’ he stressed.

Maria Stepanova (right)
© HSE University

‘We actively support the culture of entrepreneurship at the school. We are constantly looking for new brands—everyone at the school can submit their work for a year-round open-call,’ says Maria Stepanova, Head of the Product and Industrial Design track, curator of the Creative Futures programme. ‘Since last year, the Creative Futures programme has been working to support young brands. Design Lab specialists help the programme participants with brand positioning, corporate identity development, naming, organising filming, promotion, and also give advice on the production of the initial samples.’

Yulia Blucher, curator of the Animation and Illustration track at the HSE Art and Design School, has created a unique collection of clothes that can be purchased at the concept store. ‘I've been sewing for a long time—since I was a child,’ says Yulia. ‘I'm interested in all sorts of textile clothing and illustration, which I'm doing now, so I think I've found the optimal balance.’

The designer also shared that she is looking forward to exploring an area of art in which ‘illustrations do not become a pattern, but remain a picture, and the pictures that we choose to wear become part of our lives, we appropriate them.’ Therefore, Yulia found a format where her canvas is not paper, but textiles. ‘My t-shirts and scarves can be found here, and there will be other clothing in the future,’ she added.

You can visit the HSE ART AND DESIGN STORE on 12 Malaya Pionerskaya Ulitsa.

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Still the Best: HSE Art and Design School at the World Brand Design Society

HSE Art and Design students, graduates, and curators have been participating in the World Brand Design Society international competition for several years. The winter of 2023/24 was no exception—several projects won in various categories.

Second Season of ‘Parajanov—100’ Contest Launched at HSE Art and Design School

As part of a continuing exploration of the national cultural context, the HSE University Art and Design School and the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, in collaboration with the Sergei Parajanov Museum and the Artists' Union of Armenia, have announced the second open international online contest for collage in animation dedicated to the centenary of Sergei Parajanov’s birth.

Season Six of HSE CREATIVE OPEN Competition Begins

Beginner-level specialists and students, as well as graduates of any university, regardless of geographical location, are invited to participate. Works can be submitted in the categories of Identity, Object Design, Illustration and Comics, Game Visuals, and Sound until January 21, 2024. Launched by the HSE Art and Design School in 2022, the competition collected more than 1,500 works in its first year. Its goal is to present a unified platform to host original ideas and spectacular projects in all areas of design, contemporary art, and fashion, as well as to draw the attention of the creative community to the development of professions in the industry.

HSE Design Lab Receives Diploma from Union of Moscow Architects

The HSE Design Lab was named one of the winners in the Best Interior Solution project category of the Union of Moscow Architects for its project to renovate the interiors of the HSE University building on Maly Tryokhsvyatitelsky Pereulok. The awards were presented at the BUILD SCHOOL exhibition in Moscow, which ended on November 2.

HSE Design Lab Develops New Navigation System for Ice Arena

In early October, the HSE Design Lab presented a new project at the HSE Art and Design School. A team of teachers and students has developed a navigation system for the G-Drive sports arena in Omsk. The ice stadium, which is home to the Omsk hockey club Avangard, opened in 2022 and seats 12,000 spectators.

‘In Search of the Key to the Past’: Students of HSE Art and Design School in Nizhny Novgorod Develop Collection of Souvenirs

The HSE Art and Design School in Nizhny Novgorod, together with the ‘Protected Quarters’ project to revive Nizhny Novgorod’s historical territories, have carried out the ‘Timeless’ creative project, which included a design laboratory and an educational programme. As a result of the creative workshop, students made concepts for souvenir products based on the local identity.

Role of Street Art in Urban Environment Discussed at HSE CREATIVE HUB

On July 22, the HSE CREATIVE HUB space hosted the ‘AGREED’ street art festival. This is the first collaboration between HSE Art and Design School students and the CHAIN ​​community. The event participants learned how street art changes the urban environment and also created their own artifacts in the form of special stickers and stencils.

‘We Live in a World Where Technology and Interaction with It Are an Integral Part of Everyday Life’

In early July, HSE ART GALLERY hosted the grand opening of the ‘Telling Stories. Big Data’ exhibition. The first part of this project has been exhibited at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art since the end of June. The exhibition will be open at both venues until August 13th.