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‘It’s Important to Combine Painting with Modern Technology’

On January 19, the HSE ART GALLERY hosted the opening of a new exhibition, ‘Majors, Minors. Aftertone’, which will last until March 10. The exhibition features works created by students of the HSE Art and Design School as part of their courses on modern painting and creating art projects using photography and neural networks. The exhibition was curated by artists and teachers Olga Chernysheva, Vladislav Efimov, as well as art critic Nicolas Audureau.

For their work, the students explored various sounds in the surrounding space, which they later transformed into visual images. Visitors to the exhibition can see two different techniques: works painted with oil or acrylic, and photographs created using neural networks.

Vladislav Efimov, teacher of Photography and Contemporary Art at the HSE Art and Design School, said that the idea of creating an exhibition originated with Olga Chernysheva, who taught a variation on modern painting at the school. ‘The theme of the exhibition is wonderful,’ he says. ‘I was invited to participate in it because I teach a course on photography and neural networks, which, in fact, is also close to the exhibition theme. It’s important to combine painting with modern technology, and it is also important that we develop it.’

Ivan Klekovkin
HSE Art and Design School

Ivan Klekovkin, third-year student of the programme in Design, debuted as an artist at the exhibition. ‘I went through a lot of different topics and couldn't find a visual style for them. One day, I was sitting and feeling sad in my apartment and noticed the space around me, which seemed tense. It was the period before my exams. That's how I found some musicality and rhythms in my everyday space,’ says Ivan.

Sofia Chichkina
HSE Art and Design School

Sofia Chichkina, third-year student of the programme in Design, went to a water park in search of inspiration. ‘That space was constantly making noise, it had its own sound,’ she explains. ‘When I had to choose a topic of my work, I decided to work with the sketches I made at the water park, as I managed to convey a certain musicality of the pool.’

Arina Karpenko, third-year student of the programme in Design, captured the atmosphere of different playlists in her paintings. ‘I associate them with the brightest moments of my life, so I portrayed myself and what I was experiencing when I was listening to them. I made four works and four playlists in total. A sad girl with a cat represents music about drama and suffering. Another picture represents a playlist with the music followed by a funny text. Most often I turn it on when I'm on the subway or bus,’ she says.

Daria Dogaeva (left)
HSE Art and Design School

Daria Dogaeva, first-year student of the master's programme ‘Modern Technologies for Teaching Design and Art’, shared that her task was to create a work using a neural network. ‘Neural networks act as full-fledged co-authors,’ explains Daria. ‘We expand the space with the neural network and look for new entities, organisms that suddenly appear there by themselves. I selected the photos according to certain patterns, repetitions, and natural textures.’

In addition to the topic stated by the curators, painting and neural networks share a difficulty in terms of mastering techniques and tools. Artificial intelligence becomes an assistant only after careful study of its logic and hidden mechanisms. The artist strives for a certain result, but this is preceded by a huge number of iterations that help to establish contact with the mechanism.

Vassa Pyrkova (right)
HSE Art and Design School

‘If we talk about painting, many participants started working on projects with digital sketches, which they used to use in their illustrative practice,’ says Vassa Pyrkova, HSE ART GALLERY Director. ‘The transition to physical media required a lot of work, trial, error, and days spent in the studio. We are used to seeing painting in its finished form: a holistic composition, a deep colour scheme, a high-quality design in a frame. In a sense, the project participants had to defeat themselves, because starting to work with a painting medium is definitely a competition. We managed to preserve the feeling of exciting preparation in the exhibition artists’ sketches in the gallery space —a key element of the design. HSE Sound Lab, which prepared the audio accompaniment of the exhibition, also managed to notice and interpret this feeling.’

The exhibition ‘Majors, Minors. Aftertune’ is open until March 10, 2024 (Mon.—Sun., 12 pm–8 pm, free entry).

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Exhibition by HSE Art and Design School Students Now Open at Fabrika Centre

The Fabrika Centre for Creative Industries is hosting a graduation exhibition by bachelor’s students of Contemporary Art at the HSE Art and Design School. In the exhibition titled ‘Freedom of Absurdity’, the early-career artists present their interpretations of melancholy. The exhibition is open to visitors until April 21, 2024, and admission is free of charge.

‘Winnie-the-Pooh and All, All, All’. Poster Exhibition of Graduates of HSE Art and Design School

Until March 15, the exhibition ‘Winnie-the-Pooh and All, All, All’ will be held in the Children's and Youth Department of the Central City Youth Library named after M.A. Svetlov. Graduates of the continuing education programme ‘Illustration. Basic Course’ decided to take a fresh look at A. A. Milne's beloved fairy tale by drawing incredibly colourful posters.

‘Our Exhibition Is an Attempt to Meet the Challenge of Conceptualism in the Most Radical Form’

On January 18–February 4, 2024, the philosophy and contemporary art exhibition ‘Exercises in Conceptualism’ took place at the Gallery Na Peschanoy (part of the Moscow City Galleries Network). The event posed a philosophical question about the phenomenon of conceptualism through the study of the artistic, institutional, epistemological (cognitive) and ontological (existential) status of explication, an important and little-studied element of modern art.

Photography Week at the HSE Art and Design School: From Documentary to Fashion Photography

Photography Week took place on November 20–25 at the HSE Art and Design School. As part of the festival, the HSE ART GALLERY presented works by students of the Photography track from recent years, while CREATIVE HUB hosted a conference titled ‘Photography: More than Art.’

Fashion for Strong Women: Emancifashion Exhibition Takes Place at HSE University

In early November, the Emancifashion exhibition, dedicated to the representation of women in art and fashion, took place at HSE University in Maly Trekhsvyatitelsky Pereulok. The event, organised by first-year students from the HSE Media Communications programme, featured works created by students from the Fashion Design programme of the HSE Art and Design School.

Moving in Circles or Breaking Out: New Exhibition at HSE ART GALLERY

From September 18 to November 19, the HSE ART GALLERY is hosting a new exhibition from the HSE Art and Design School: ‘Going Over Old Ground?’ Its curator is Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, artist and head of the Screen Arts and Video Art tracks at the HSE Art and Design School. Guests will see experimental cinema, video art, and animation created by students and graduates of the school.

‘Light and Air’ Exhibition of HSE Art and Design School Opens at Arkhangelskoye Museum

On May 17, the ‘Light and Air’ group exhibition project was opened by students of the HSE Art and Design School at the Arkhangelskoye Museum Estate. The exhibits created by the university’s contemporary artists in training reflect on how people are connected with nature. The exhibition is open until July 9.

‘Screen Arts. Roll Call’ Exhibition of the HSE Art and Design School Opens in Kaliningrad

The ‘Screen Arts. Roll Call’ cultural and educational project of the HSE Art and Design School will be exhibited at the Baltic branch of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Kaliningrad until July 16, 2023. The project is a continuation of an HSE ART GALLERY exhibition held in September 2022. The exhibition presents a dialogue between three generations: pioneers of video art in Russia, young classicists, and students of the HSE Art and Design School who are uncovering new possibilities in screen arts.

‘We Support Young Brands and Make Them Visible’

On March 7, the HSE Art Gallery hosted the opening of ‘Design Futures: Synesthesia’, an exhibition featuring works by students of product and jewellery design at the HSE Art and Design School. The event runs from March 9–May 7.