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HSE Lyceum Sophomore Creates Video Short for Museum of Moscow Exhibition

A video created by Polina Sotnikova, a student of the ‘Design’ programme at the HSE Lyceum, is being shown as part of the interactive exhibit Gogol in Moscow, which runs until June 2. The work, created in a motion design style, is currently being shown in the museum’s exhibit hall, which attracted tens of thousands of people on Museum Night.

The video clip portrays the life of Russian writer Nikolay Gogol in Moscow—where he lived, who he associated with, what he did here, and why he decided to burn the drafts of the second volume of his novel Dead Souls. The clip, which presents a collage of different images, stickers and emojies, is the lyceum student’s own work through and through. Polina came up with the idea, wrote the text, and designed the video sequence all by herself. And in order to add audio to the video, she found a freelance audio specialist online who does audio work for popular science videos and paid him 500 rubles.

Maria Veretennikova
Programme Head, ‘Design’, HSE Lyceum

At the HSE Lyceum, every student must find a customer and complete a full-scale project or research study for that customer. Some search for customers with project requests within the Lyceum and do projects that involve animating some course material for an instructor, for example. Other students find project orders outside of the Lyceum that have to do with branding—they create logotypes or brand books. A lot of students undertake projects that involve video design or smartphone app design. Polina’s project ended up taking an unexpected turn: it gained notoriety and is even being exhibited at a public venue.

Initially Polina had chosen a different topic for her video, as well as a different client, who unexpectedly cancelled the project when she had already completed a large portion of it. However, the Lyceum sophomore didn’t think about giving up. Instead, she contacted various museums and media resources and offered to do an animation design project for them.

Polina Sotnikova, 10th grade,
HSE Lyceum

I received a response from the Museum of Moscow. They said they would commission a video clip about Gogol. The project was in fact very painstaking—anyone doing animation design and 3D graphics will tell you this. First you need to picture the project from start to finish in your head, then write a script, and then create a huge amount of material and put it all together. I didn’t sleep for about two weeks—though this is not an unusual thing at the Lyceum, of course. Nonetheless, I was very glad that I took on the project. It’s hard to describe the feeling of satisfaction you get when you finish rendering a video and then post it online. I really like making videos; I love coming up with an idea that seems impossible and then figuring out ways to turn it into a reality.

The Gogol in Moscow exhibit coincides with the writer’s 210th birthday. The exposition acquaints viewers with the significant events and figures of Gogol’s life in Moscow not only with the aid of various artifacts and documents from private and museum collections, but with works by contemporary artists who were inspired by the mysterious writer as well. ‘Gogol is unique in how he has been interpreted differently by different time periods. Today, due in large part to the film about him, he is a pop culture figure. The writer himself is like a protagonist of a horror film; he is popular almost in the same way Batman is. For us Gogol is interesting as a genius who, among other things, rendered timeless Russian character types and created the very contemporary language that we use to communicate today,’ says Alina Saprykina, exhibit curator director of the Museum of Moscow.

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The HSE Art and Design School is opening a new master’s track in Sound Art & Sound Studies as part of its Master’s programme ‘Practice of Contemporary Art’. Classes will begin in Fall 2020. The language of instruction is Russian.

SCO Headquarters and Peking Duck: HSE Lyceum Students’ Internship in China

This summer, students of Asian Studies at HSE Lyceum spent a month in China. They studied at Liaoning Normal University, visited ancient temples, and met the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Secretary-General. The students spoke to HSE News Service about their trip.

Project Highlights from HSE’s Master’s Programme in Fashion

Over the past year our students and graduates of the Master’s Programme ‘Fashion’ participated in a diverse array of projects. The emerging designers put on two of their own fashion shows at Rizhsky Station as part of Arts Night 2018 as well as the large festival Telling Stories, participated in exhibitions, collaborated with prominent brand names, and opened a joint showroom in the Klebozavod (Bread Factory) space.

A New Art Gallery, New Programmes and an Exhibition at the Museum of Moscow

The HSE ART AND DESIGN Festival, which was held at the Museum of Moscow, served as the final exam for students of HSE’s School of Art and Design. On the final day of the festival, undergraduate and graduate students of the ‘Fashion’ programme presented more than a hundred of pieces of their own design in a fashion show. HSE News Service covered the event.

'Comrades of Light' Exhibition Opens at HSE Art Gallery

On June 18, the HSE Art Gallery opened a new exhibition, Comrades of Light, a full-scale installation simulating the space of a Soviet apartment with barely noticeable mutations and distortions. Within this space an alternative history of the Soviet Union unfolds on a sequence of matchbox labels, some of which are copies of real labels from the 1950-80s, and some of which are the creations of project authors Alexandra Kuzetsova and Darya Dolgopolova.

Museum of Moscow to Host Graduation Festival by HSE Art and Design School

From June 20 to 27, the Museum of Moscow and the HSE Art and Design School will hold the HSE ART AND DESIGN Festival 2019, a graduation show. The project authors and curators for the event are HSE Art and Design School students, graduates and lecturers.

Telling Stories Festival to Spotlight Current Global Media Trends

On May 17 and 18, the annual Telling Stories festival, organized by the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design, will take place in Moscow. Festival guests will be able to attend a public talk with a Hollywood director, learn how to create their own successful micromedia, see a theater performance by HSE students and much more. Entry to all of the festival events is free.

Adidas Bomber Jacket Patch Design Competition Now Open at HSE

HSE students are invited to participate in a design competition in which a series of three illustrations will be selected. Submissions will be accepted until May 22. The winning patch projects will be set in the form of stripes on adidas bomber jackets. The author of the best work will travel to the head office of adidas in Germany.

HSE Student Among Four Winners of Fred Perry Contest

Polina Parygina, a fourth-year student at HSE University’s School of Art and Design majoring in Communication Design, is one of four illustrators selected worldwide by the famous clothes brand Fred Perry for the international Record Store Day 2019. In honour of the holiday, music stores around the world are distributing satchels bearing graphic illustrations she has designed.

Ideal Form: I Shape My World

From March 8th to April 7th, 2019 HSE ART GALLERY is hosting a large-scale exhibition on the topic of Women Who Change the World. This joint project by HSE ART GALLERY and LEVI`S® has given HSE Art and Design School students the opportunity to realize their ideas on this important theme.