First-year Student of MIEM Spoke at 19th IEEE CBI ’17

From July 24th to 27th, 2017, the 19th Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Conference on Business Informatics took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. Over 100 experts took part in the event, and among the speakers was Pavel Abramov, first-year student of the HSE MIEM programme in Information and Computer Science.

Pavel spoke on ‘QoS metric measurements in long range IoT networks’ at the International Workshop on the Internet of Things and Smart Services. The paper was prepared by a team consisting of Andrey Dvornikov, Sergey Efremov, Leonid Voskov, and Pavel Abramov –members of the Internet of Things Research Group at HSE MIEM.

Together with Andrey Dvornikov, a doctoral student, Pavel carried out an experiment in LoRaWAN (Low power wide area networks, LPWAN) for the internet of things (IoT). The authors wrote a paper in English for the 19th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics, and Pavel took an active part in it.

‘I enjoyed speaking at the event’, said Pavel, ‘I wasn’t nervous, even though I had to speak English and answer some specific technology-related questions. The environment at the conference was very friendly, and the participants discussed their projects in an informal atmosphere, explaining the basic principles in lay terms. When I was applying for university, I could never have imagined that I would go to an international conference and speak during my first year; I only thought I would be able to do it as a senior student. But I had a goal, and I got my chance to achieve it.’

Pavel Abramov successfully met the challenge of presenting the research outcomes, and didn’t let his team down.