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Efficient, but Not without Help: How Russian State-owned Banks Differ from Their Foreign Counterparts

HSE University economists analyzed what banks performed best on the Russian market from 2004 to 2015 - state, private, or foreign-owned ones. They found out that during stable economic and political periods, foreign-owned banks tend to take the lead, while during a crisis period, such as from 2008 to 2013, state-owned banks outperformed them. The article was published in the  Emerging Markets Finance and Trade journal.

How Bank Names Affect Depositor Behaviour

How Bank Names Affect Depositor Behaviour
A bank's name can get send customers a signal about its ownership. For Russian consumers, a foreign-sounding name suggests foreign ownership and potential higher risks of losing their savings, according to Maria Semenova and Antonina Kozlova's study 'Foreign Banks and Market Discipline in the Russian Market for Personal Deposits: What's in a Name'.

The Russian Banking System has High Adaptability

How has the crisis influenced the banking sector? Why is the Central Bank increasing its requirements from bankers? How many banks does the economy need altogether? These were the topics discussed by Mikhail Kovrigin, director of the Central Bank of Russia’s Banking Regulation and Oversight Department, at a meeting with members of the HSE Banking Institute.

Banks Hinder Industry Development

Despite its thriving banking sector, Russia's industrial production remains stagnant, as financial institutions are failing to support development in the real sector. Vassilisa Makarova, Associate Professor at the HSE's Department of Financial Markets and Financial Management (Faculty of Economics, St. Petersburg), and Andrei Krylov, postgraduate student at St. Petersburg State University of Economics, examined the controversial relationship between Russian banks and industry.